Let's Go For A Ride

That joy ride they took didn't turn out to be as much fun as they expected. Maybe it was cool up until the point they smashed into the guard rail and were ripped in half. Oh well, Mustangs are gay anyway.

  • oicu8abullet October 4, 2010

    Where in the hell did the guy in the trunk start from?

  • atmydismay October 4, 2010

    Well asking them for a ride into town is out of the question

  • vikingshill October 4, 2010

    With crappy driving like that, you'd think he'd be a Camaro owner. And Stangs are not gay, yellow ones are, however.

  • bigtalk October 4, 2010

    those emos got exactly what they always wanted a two lane highway named after them cuz they went both ways emo fags

  • pistolero October 4, 2010

    Check his front pockets for any change?

  • dominican_ak47 October 4, 2010

    Next time get a BMW cheep bitch.

  • buzzhawg October 4, 2010

    Fast cars are like dirty whores, just cuz you can doesn't mean you should.

  • ohwickedwendi October 4, 2010

    He couldn't drive 55.

  • d90girl October 4, 2010

    Damn Trunk Drivers...

  • ftwbiker October 4, 2010

    His ass is grass when mom finds out he work her best athletic bra!

  • ftwbiker October 4, 2010

    Mustangs must be gay... Adam is an expert on that subject.

  • rockinron October 4, 2010

    i wonder if his trunk monkey died?

  • spedman October 4, 2010

    rob zombie for the win

  • boppalilbit October 4, 2010

    and they say texting while driving is dangerous looks to me like cross dressing and driving are a bad mix too!

  • rareranking October 4, 2010

    They are not dead they bought a new mustang their Invincible!(Ten Cans! Thats why their so cheap)

  • spaulding October 4, 2010

    at least they died to a cool song.

  • spinal-tap October 4, 2010


  • killkenny October 4, 2010

    The cop smoking the cigarette just got done ass fucking them for good measure.

  • n306 October 5, 2010

    i think mustangs look pretty cool with a body cut in half in it. and the cop was smoking the cigarret to cover the smell of the cheap perfume

  • godbluff October 6, 2010


  • damgreedyjew October 7, 2010

    wtf howd the guy get in the trunk

  • maynardsatool October 19, 2010

    the guard rail punctured through the door which also ripped the drivers body in half and pushed it into the trunk...

  • chupamiverga October 20, 2010

    anyone know the name of this song and by who it is?

  • mylarjorgen October 30, 2010

    I bet his last thought was "How the FUCK did I get in the trunk? but at least I'm OK"

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