I Smell Like What?

He's usually a pretty nice guy, but when confronted about his BO problem he just fucking snapped. Next thing you know he's shanking a mother fucker. Some people are way too sensitive. Just take a shower every once in a while you stinky bastard.

  • oicu8abullet October 6, 2010

    Where in the hell are they that people actually stopped an armed assault? It sure as fuck isn't NYC.

  • dirtysanchez69 October 6, 2010

    Video without sound sucks ASS.

  • rockinron October 6, 2010

    ever notice that they got full automatic weapons in the public ,in th middle east. but they fight with knives. they have no comon since. you pull that shit in jersey and someones gonna cap your ass!! and all we have is semi auto here in the states.

  • wargod October 6, 2010

    The guy tried to steal his rogaine

  • atmydismay October 6, 2010

    I like the dude that got the fuck outta there

  • boppalilbit October 6, 2010

    I said my name is Asham not Akmad get it right next time

  • ohwickedwendi October 6, 2010

    "The guys ankle looked swollen--I was just lancing it for him..."

  • buzzhawg October 6, 2010

    Push right analog stick in for melee attack.

  • spaulding October 6, 2010

    now drag him outside and scream some shit about allah while you shoot him

  • killkenny October 6, 2010

    Worst slasher film ever!

  • dustman October 6, 2010

    bahah. what the hall how is this guy losing so much blood from his foot? did that guy really stab him in the ankle!?

  • lolumad October 6, 2010


  • gasguy October 6, 2010

    hey ahkmed I think you sprung a leak there

  • spinal-tap October 6, 2010

    That man is to old to be fighting lol

  • magnavox50 October 6, 2010

    Sand nigger slasher III in theaters everywhere October 15th

  • rodeye2 October 7, 2010

    He stole his goat.

  • copenman October 7, 2010


  • knightryder October 8, 2010

    im sure he meant it in a nice way.

  • gbaby666 May 20, 2011

    cut cut cut cut stab stab stab i feel a lil staby today

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