Have Another Drink

Drunk chicks are great, except when they're talking. This girl would be perfect for the end of the night scavenger to take home, if it wasn't for the cock-blocking guardian by her side that is. Now you two make nice in that stall.

  • oicu8abullet October 6, 2010

    I'm applying for a security job here. And watching for cams in all of the public restrooms I use.

  • dirtysanchez69 October 6, 2010

    why was that guy vomiting?

  • killkenny October 6, 2010

    I wanna see the video of her friend helping her put her tampon in.

  • rockinron October 6, 2010

    bet she cleaned her purse out when she went in the stall and shut the door..

  • atmydismay October 6, 2010

    whos the perv with the shakey hands?!

  • boppalilbit October 6, 2010

    LMAO I seen something almost exactly as this except for the chick standing outside the stall when the Red wings won the cup down in a Detroit bar.. lol good times

  • ohwickedwendi October 6, 2010

    Why are there guys inside of the women's room recording this shit in the first place?

  • spaulding October 6, 2010

    I usually throw 'em out after I'm done too, but if she wants to come back in with a friend, well...

  • dustman October 6, 2010

    wait... isnt having a video camera in a public restroom illegal!?

  • lolumad October 6, 2010

    Lol xDD

  • gasguy October 6, 2010

    ^^dustman;only if you get caught ^^

  • magnavox50 October 6, 2010

    Why can't i find them like this?

  • strummer1990 October 6, 2010

    Why isnt she wearing a shirt?

  • rodeye2 October 7, 2010

    High heels and booze don't mix.

  • flip835 October 7, 2010

    i beleive its only illigal if you can see behind the stall doors. assuming this is a club bathroom its to catch people fucking or shooting up or any other freaky illigal shit that im pretty sure has already been posted on this site

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