Who Let The Pig On The Set?

He always wanted to be in the movies, but had to settle for a job on the police department since he didn't have any talent. But that wasn't about to stop him from finding himself a part in the new Transformers movie. Hey Bumblebee, transform and kick his dumb ass for wrecking your front end.

  • pistolero October 13, 2010

    Megan Fox was driving while gargling the sac and didnt see the cop.

  • killabudz October 13, 2010

    nice drivin' piglet!! oh ya, FIRST!

  • wargod October 13, 2010

    He instantly transformed into an asshole

  • vikingshill October 13, 2010

    I thought Camaro drivers prefered to be rear ended.

  • jm75 October 13, 2010

    Bad quality car, the police jeep is better

  • warfighter64 October 13, 2010

    TBH anyone driving around in a yank tank piece of shit car deserves to be smashed off the road...

  • lieutenantdan October 13, 2010

    I hate cops, and now I hate them even more. No one messes with Bumblebee.

  • spaulding October 13, 2010

    Prime was right there and didn't help. Where's the comraderie?

  • u-235 October 13, 2010

    Well, looks like Ratchet has some fixing to do!

  • drublix October 13, 2010

    Atleast Optimus Prime got away

  • flamingasshole October 13, 2010

    Dumbasses+Car movies=Wreckage...no seriously.

  • atmydismay October 13, 2010

    Sir, have you been drinking this evening?

  • ohwickedwendi October 13, 2010


  • strummer1990 October 13, 2010

    LMAO I love how the cop is like...Fuck...how am I gonna explain this one...

  • bigtalk October 14, 2010

    damn even stunt woman cant drive

  • rockinron October 14, 2010

    damn i want a suburban!!1 that thing has a bent bumper and the car is totaled!!!

  • rodeye2 October 14, 2010

    Took the cop out while the truck load of drugs got away.

  • cellule October 14, 2010

    Autobots being introduced to our very-own Decepticons.

  • flip835 October 15, 2010

    wtf the transformers reunion? and why the fuck is it that the cop cars are impervious to dents and scratched. i could have had the same exact car and mine would have been totaled and flipped over

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