Borning Speach? Bombing will liven things up

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Do you hate to sit through a boring speech? Me too. Fucking hate it. All you have to do is add one little bomb to the speech and bam! It's a fucking party. That and some gun fire after the bombing, and you will have to change your shorts twice.

  • n0s4a2_420 October 16, 2010

    i'da bombed her too,just to shut her up....

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  • ohwickedwendi October 16, 2010

    Trina told me she was gonna get bombed that day, but I thought it was just a metaphor.

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  • buzzhawg October 16, 2010

    Gotta love Bosnian birthday parties.

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  • spaulding October 16, 2010

    that speach was the bomb.

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  •   killkenny October 16, 2010

    She needs a better speech writer.

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  • ohwickedwendi October 16, 2010

    Hey's spelled SPEECH, by the way. Just sayin....

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  • duckduck October 16, 2010

    that speech was dynamite

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  • pasher71 October 16, 2010

    should have just STFU and make a pie like she was told.

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  • ghosthunter October 16, 2010

    Well thats one way to bring the house down..

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  • wisconsinjed October 16, 2010

    A. Duckduck, that was some funny shit. B. Does anyone know the story behind this? Where and when? My God, what an evil world!

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  • wisconsinjed October 16, 2010

    It looks Eastern European to me. Not Middle Eastern. Probably a former Soviet state.

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  • wisconsinjed October 16, 2010

    I'll tell you guys. I just went thru some of the "related" videos and watched them. I have seen most but going thru these I felt such an intense hatred for these hard-line Muslim, MUSLIM prick mutherfucking pieces of dog shit! READ THIS YOU LITTLE COWARDLY BITCHES!! You are the lowest form of life on God's Earth. That's right, we worship the SAME GOD! I read somewhere that the KORAN states that if you save one life, you save all of mankind BUT if you take a life, you destroy all of mankind. If it doesn't state that then I apologize. It is a great statement anyway. You pray you cowards that do this to innocent people will spend eternity in a place that is so terrible that I can not even comprehend it. Just in case this got lost in my long post- You are a shame to your own mother and a coward! Now before anyone says anything to the contrary, I am fully aware that it is not only Muslims doing this, I am sure that for every 10 times this is done cowardly Muslims do it 9.

    +6 -3
  •   vikingshill October 16, 2010

    ^^We don't want to read a fucking book you retard.

    +11 -3
  • rodeye2 October 16, 2010

    You got knocked the fuck out bitch.

    +1 -3
  •   rockinron October 16, 2010

    well said wesconsinjed speak for yourself viking and then stfu.

    what i wanna know is where the fuck are all the boys? i thought with that much shit going down there would be atleast a fuckin blood trail someplace.

    +2 -1
  • bigtalk October 16, 2010

    cool is that how moh starts

    +1 -2
  • flamingasshole October 16, 2010

    This what I imagine when I'm falling asleep in church.

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  • ohwickedwendi October 16, 2010

    Hey Wisconsinjed--quit being such a minus nazi, will ya?! FFS, get a life.

    +2 -5
  • wargod October 17, 2010


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  • dazzza October 17, 2010

    Talk about bringing the house down!

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  • 2indastink October 17, 2010

    Well that shut the cunt up, didn't it.

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  • sleeko October 17, 2010

    Who invited the fuck'n Muslims?

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  • wisconsinjed October 17, 2010

    Well, 3 people commented on my post 1.vikingshill says he didn't want to read a fucking book. Well vikingshit, oh I mean shill. Next time your mother reads you something, tell her to skip anything too long since you are probably easily distracted. 2. Thanks rokinron since you actually understood my message and what I was trying to see. 3. ohwickedwendi, I bet your hubby is probably hungry and horny so get at it. Everybody else, peace out and be thankful that you don't live in na place like this. If you do then I will say a prayer for you. Stay safe!

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  • wisconsinjed October 17, 2010

    "trying to say", not "trying to see". Pardon me.

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  • lolumad October 17, 2010

    STFU!! /throws a firecracker

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  • magnavox50 October 18, 2010

    @wickedwendi leave Jay alone he got it right the second time.

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  • island_mon October 18, 2010

    I just hope they don't start that shit here. Our government will probably catch them, spend millions to prosecute them, millions on appeals,set them free then apologize for inconveniencing them and buy them a gas station.

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  • killbilly502 October 20, 2010

    nobody messes with the A team

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  • awita123 July 16, 2012

    well, she clearly called someone a bitch b4 the bomb went off!! there is your trigger.

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