Moped Bowling With a Truck

It's tough as it is driving around on mopeds all day long. Most people make fun of you, and well, it's kinda gay. Then you have these fucking trucks that just run you over like you aren't even there. Looks like the driver of the truck got a 7-10 split. I wonder if he can come back and pick up the spare. (that's as much bowling talk as I know)

  •   rockinron October 23, 2010

    when your ridin your moped and a truck come's along...yo ho mow the gooks down!! come on everyone sing. da da da dada da dada da da.....

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  • lieutenantdan October 23, 2010

    If they wore helmets, they would've lived. Totally.

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  •   rockinron October 23, 2010

    ^^^^^ only long enough to see who steals there shoe's

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  • captjim October 23, 2010

    Dude must have just got done playin' GTA IV.

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  • u-235 October 23, 2010

    Video shows them stopped at the end. You know as well as I do, after that they shrugged their shoulders and kept going!

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  • spaulding October 23, 2010

    great, I just had my car washed, and now it's covered in bug splats.

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  • endinsight October 23, 2010

    everyone stops as a result of collision or death, which is why it makes sense to stop and let other people through in an alternating form.

    now that the survivors all share an "end-in-sight" perhaps they will all drive a bit different and let that larger vehicle go first.


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  • dopesmoker October 23, 2010

    That's why I live in the US where people know how to driv... wait, nevermind.

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  • dnl_uncola October 23, 2010

    lets see if he can pick up the split for the spare!

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  • shortkow October 23, 2010

    man it's gna be tough picking up that 7/10 split

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  • rodeye2 October 24, 2010

    Third world = wore out brakes,so they use what ever is in there way.

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  • revharris October 24, 2010

    3rd world countries are the best places to practice necro exploration.

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  • injun October 24, 2010

    the hardest thing about riding mopeds in America is telling your parents your gay

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  • ohwickedwendi October 24, 2010

    Just like a bull--going for the guy in red.

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  • shadowchaser October 25, 2010

    That kind of shit is the primary reason why I have installed a Leslie Controls RS5T horn on my current truck, and later on my semi tractor too. Nothing gets the teenyboppers, idiots, and thrillseekers out of way faster than one 152dB blast from that airhorn which is made exclusively for diesel locomotives.

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  • ghosthunter October 26, 2010

    I bet he could get the 7-10 split..

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  • frostyblazed1 December 4, 2010

    *Multi-Color Combo* pink, blue,

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