Insane In The Membrane

The best part of public transportation is the crazy motherfuckers you get to see. This bitch is certifiable, and she don't take kindly to folk sitting near her. And now she's off to get more drugs. Yay!

  • boontendo October 28, 2010

    Push me on the tracks.... scumbag!

  • jonasje October 28, 2010

    it would be funnier if she got off the wrong side of the tram and got run over by another one

  • mrmexicano October 28, 2010

    oh old ppl makes me wanna visit NY

  • duckduck October 28, 2010

    NYC the scumbag capitol of the World

  • strummer1990 October 28, 2010

    gotta love that reaganomics

  • island_mon October 28, 2010

    She reminds me of the gangster's mom on The Goonies.

    Even sounds like her.

  • flip835 October 28, 2010

    fuck no, if i was on that train as soon as the no good fuck touched that bitch he would be sleeping

  • killbilly502 October 28, 2010

    wheres a cracked out black ninja when you need one?

  • ohwickedwendi October 28, 2010

    Clearly, Colleen doesn't like Asians very much.

  • vikingshill October 28, 2010

    She has to be related to Epic Beard Man somehow.

  • bigtalk October 28, 2010

    i dont see why shes so angry life looks like it was so kind to her

  • buttdarts October 28, 2010

    Shit... that was a chick??

  • h4rdcor3 October 28, 2010

    this is why lesbians shouldnt smoke pcp

  • atmydismay October 28, 2010

    That man bitch would have been knock da fuck out!

  • spaulding October 28, 2010

    No, fuck you scumbag.

  • ghosthunter October 28, 2010

    If you touched my wife like that I would have dropped you in a SEC, Man ot scum cunt.

  • crackerkiller October 28, 2010

    another day in crackervill USA..

  • sirfartsalot October 28, 2010

    Adolf Hitler was on to something.

  • revharris October 29, 2010

    @Island Mom: Even better, that same hag was in a movie called Throw Momma from the train!! Perfect pic up!

  • clrz1000 October 29, 2010

    That asian should of stood on the bench and shit all in her face.

  • rodeye2 October 29, 2010

    Skyler's mom.

  • miked October 29, 2010

    damn bigtalk your mom is trippin!!

  • lameristotel October 29, 2010

    I wish bitch did that to me. Fucking trashcan gonna hit the ground instantly!

  • shadowchaser November 2, 2010

    I've taken the NY subway for many years and the shit you see on it ranges from crazy to just plain ol' nasty. Remember seeing a bum waking up, pulling his pants down and taking a HUGE shit right in the middle of the fucking car.

  • ninjakins November 3, 2010

    i would not tolerate that bullshit. if that bitch started hitting me for no reason, id knock her the fuck out.

  • silverwolf November 7, 2010

    Man women are crazy... and that is one case in point, that man should of hit her anyways for attacking a poor helpless chink

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