Week In CrazyShit: Sing Us A Song

Last week I secretly recorded Jay while he was jamming out to some James Brown, so this week when he heard me singing along to Biz Markie, he decided to catch me in the act. We're both psyched for Halloween and looking forward to lots of beer and slutty costumes. Everyone should take pictures of the funniest and sluttiest costumes you see this weekend and send them to us. Happy Halloween, fuckers!

  • format187 October 29, 2010

    Thanks Jay - boss heard the scream - now I'm fired..... you lookin for any help?

  • wargod October 29, 2010

    Another WICS! Congrats to the top ten!!! And fuck you , I almost swallowed my cigarette

  • h4rdcor3 October 29, 2010

    number 6 my highest position yet :) not bad considering i havn't been on in a while

  • pizzapie October 29, 2010

    Comment of the week sucked ass. Can't a nigga get a table dance????

  • skylerblue October 29, 2010

    dat didnt scare me :P

  • wargod October 29, 2010

    ^ But I bet vaginas do, don't they?????^

  • clrz1000 October 29, 2010

    I bet them two kittens are now laughing at us.

  • graveyard October 30, 2010

    Hey I got my first comment of the week, what did I win? Nothing? Wait what? .... God damn it, I'm going to quit being so witty!

  • killkenny October 30, 2010

    ^^You get props & high 5's graveyard. Congrats dude! Thanx for another crazy week bitches!

  • dazzza October 30, 2010

    congrats guys.... happy halloween fuckers

  • h4rdcor3 October 30, 2010

    You really should have a FAG of the week... skylerblue would of won hands down

  • crazypoopz October 30, 2010

    damn it i droped the bong

  • slippy October 30, 2010

    Any tips for removing coffee from your keyboard? Happy Halloween bitchniggas!!

  • slipdry October 30, 2010

    sweet i made the top 10 for the 1st time, im downloading this one lol

  • rockinron October 30, 2010

    ok nice fucking job adam!!now i need another new keyboard... again! this one has shit all over it!!

  • ouch October 31, 2010

    fuck you all

  • ohwickedwendi October 31, 2010

    Congratulations, Graveyard! And congrats to all the other Top Ten comment makers--bitches!

  • luisfelix78 November 3, 2010

    shshshshhsshit u scared everybodie in the house, i was trying to listen that motherfucker singing, and that fucking cat came out doing that anoing noise, fuck, u should record the fart just got out with that fucking cat. congratulations...

  • mylarjorgen November 12, 2010

    Yep, this is, without exception, the most pathetic thing I have ever seen on here by a mile. Wont be watching any more week in shit's. Smooth, dickhead.

  • icecapzone November 12, 2010

    vid of the week. i fart like that when i eat at ihop

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