Smack That Ass

It's OK baby, I'm here to make that ass all better. First I'm going to kiss it and then I'm going to rub some of my special healing cream on it. Now just bend over and relax.

  • oicu8abullet November 1, 2010

    Probably not the first time her ass has been slammed by the hot tub.

  • mrmexicano November 1, 2010

    how to get thumbs up in crazy shit

    step 1: call the guy posting FIRST a fag

    step 2: make fun of skylerblue

    thats it

  • format187 November 1, 2010

    If that was my bitch, that wouldn't be the hardest thing to hit that ass by the pool !!

  • blkdck4whtchks November 1, 2010

    If their were ever a place for me to be laying on the ground naked... right where she slipped would have been good.

  • sissbee November 1, 2010

    Hey, mom always said no running by the pool...

  • 2indastink November 1, 2010

    and #3 call ALL mexicans minge horses.

  • miked November 1, 2010

    hes thinkin...........omg baby!! (hope that pussy heals in time for fuckin)

  • crazypoopz November 1, 2010

    thats a way to get the pussy to fart

  • spaulding November 1, 2010

    She was just gonna sit on her ass by the pool all day anyways. She just took the express route.

  • dazzza November 1, 2010

    Even the concrete had wood that day

  • bigtalk November 1, 2010

    she made a total ass of herself

  • drtyrell November 1, 2010

    LIFE GUARD HERE: "How many times do I have to tell you bitches?! NO RUNNING IN THE POOL AREA!" - "Now, come over here and give me a blowjob!"

  • skylerblue November 1, 2010

    dat wat her azz git. thinkin she kute an betta then er'body else. dum hoe. but tha one in tha dark grey suit iz fine. ;)

  • ohwickedwendi November 1, 2010

    Awwww--her friend can lick it and make it all better.

  • boredshitless November 1, 2010

    what you get when you run out of the pool

  • killkenny November 1, 2010

    Hey, as long as you're down there......

  • squid12 November 2, 2010

    Can i kiss it better?

  • squid12 November 2, 2010

    Ohh and guessing your mama dropped you on your head as a give the word retard a whole new meaning

  • revharris November 2, 2010

    Mrmexicano, nice try but this isnt Youtube and we dont have thumbs here. -1 for u.

  • cellule November 2, 2010

    Good! She's not on her period! No blood dripped...

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