Can I Kick It?

Nice kick, homo. Just what in the hell were you trying to hit? You would've been better off throwing overhand sissy slaps. Now get your gay ass up and get back to servicing your glory hole. Leave the fighting for men.

  • doc November 17, 2010

    This is the guys who should have fed the Croc!

  • nipplepincher November 17, 2010

    drop kick didnt work now its time to run away

  • mrratty November 17, 2010

    thats just funny shit. epic fail in front of your friends, and now the world.

  • dethzombie November 17, 2010

    No you can't.

  • bluufrawst November 17, 2010

    i had to watch that 3 or 4 times till i quit fuckin laughin

  • jesse69 November 17, 2010

    Whoops...He kicked his own ass.

  • island_mon November 17, 2010

    That goofy fuck needs to go back home and watch the "Karate Kid" series again until he get's that shit right. Dumb ass.

  • cunalingus November 17, 2010

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!! Dumb ass...

  • spaulding November 17, 2010

    after a chuck norris marathon, the man thought he was a kung fu master. Now, break his arm for disgracing chuck norris.

  • wildcat November 17, 2010

    Now grasshopper you must train more.Wax on wax off....

  • 2indastink November 17, 2010

    horse piss fuck cunt.

  • askyoursister November 17, 2010

    wax on...whacks off

  • shadowchaser November 17, 2010

    @ Jesse69: LOL True dat, my G HAHAHAHAHA!!! He is gonna spend the next few weeks with a really, really sore ass, and to add insult to injury, this video of him is now online for all to see.

  • ghosthunter November 17, 2010

    Numb nuts too many bruce Lee movies.

  • skylerblue November 17, 2010

    lol fail. more proof dat white people dont no how to fight xD

  • ghosthunter November 17, 2010

    he could still kick your ass skylerblue.

  • cornolio November 17, 2010

    can you get your legs up that high skylerfag? Or is your ass to sore for that you cumsucking piece of useless shit

  • jphinfan86 November 17, 2010

    - Legend of Drankin' Master.

  • bigtalk November 17, 2010

    heard the sound he made that ground slap the shit out of his gay ass

  • icecapzone November 17, 2010


    nah. kicking skylers ass would be like kicking a cave hole

  • wargod November 17, 2010

    Since you have failed as a man, why don't you try out for the "Rockettes?"

  • rodeye2 November 18, 2010

    What a girl.

  • cellule November 18, 2010

    Tampax works for horseback-riding, swimming and many other things when used the right way. Read the box before use.

  • flip835 November 18, 2010

    lmao after watch that fail i wouldnt feel bad for the guy if he just went for a nut shot

  • shadowchaser November 18, 2010

    Skyler would get a boner if someone kicked his ass. Only the Lord knows how much dick that fag has taken up in his cornhole since he was 10.

  • ohwickedwendi November 19, 2010

    Chuck Norris is now going to hunt him down, and kill him for that.

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