Her Boyfriend Is Hanging At Home Tonight

It must suck to come home and find your lover hanging from the ceiling. If only she would have let him put it in her butt like he always wanted. Now she must weigh out the pain of losing her man to the pain of a torn anus. Maybe her next man will be a little luckier.

  • spaulding December 1, 2010

    ....hanging by a moment here with you.

  • wargod December 1, 2010

    Looked like the kid in "Gran Torino"

  • jesse69 December 1, 2010

    Yep, he's dead as yesterdays news.

  • boobles December 1, 2010

    Those notes read: "She wouldn't shit in my mouth, so I decided to end it......."

  • captjim December 1, 2010

    He found out he's related to SkylarBlew

  • buttdarts December 1, 2010

    At least the bird is ok. And ^^^^ ah oh.

  • Adam H. December 1, 2010

    Looks like captjim didn't read yesterday's blog and now we have our second casualty in this war. Anybody else?

  • pasher71 December 1, 2010

    if she would have just gave up that sweet Asian snatch he wouldn't have had to do a David Carradine.

  • pasher71 December 1, 2010

    beware the mighty ban hammer!!!

  • shw December 1, 2010

    Dibs on the motorbike.

  • shadowchaser December 1, 2010

    Ohhh baby!!! Hang in there for me baby!!! Oh baby!!! Ohhhhhh!!! Seriously, why the hell? He had a pretty decent looking chick? Maybe he just heard about that newfangled "auto-erotic" thing and wanted to try it out?

  • fc420 December 1, 2010


  • zoeyarmy December 1, 2010

    Ok Goddamn it lemmeh translate again. I'm a fucking greengo, but I speak a little chink.

    Chinky chick is telling her black uncircumsized bf that her needle dick chink bf commited suicide afte he learned about the chinky chick infecting him with the sickle cell that she contracted from the black bf. She is saying something else about turning a trick at eight o'clock but I couldn't make it out.

  • gridmunky December 1, 2010

    hang in there buddy...things will get better!!!

  • wardo56 December 1, 2010

    Hope he bloats in time for Pinata Tuesdays!

  • rockinron December 1, 2010

    damn i would hang myself too if my fiends new i road a green moped!!

  • atmydismay December 1, 2010

    I wonder if he was as surfer cuz he was hangin ten

  • sleeko December 1, 2010

    Take some witness statements, file a report...Act like you give shit. All in a days work.

  • ohwickedwendi December 1, 2010

    And all this time, she thought her shit didn't stink.

  • creepyjeep December 1, 2010

    @ adam i wondered what was goin on with captjim, you gave him a freebie yesterday

  • bigtalk December 1, 2010

    what a dumbass should of just hit up a bar for ten to twelve hours if he wanted to scare her a little

  • tha_ringmaster December 1, 2010

    the cop in the beginning looks like a power-ranger without helmet.. oh, and holy hell, btw, one little hanging brings out the whole fucking town!!

  • pinkdildo December 1, 2010

    one down only 5 billion more to go.

  • tadd34 December 1, 2010

    I'd hang myself if I owned a scooter too.

  • ghosthunter December 1, 2010

    cheer up sweetie their more fish in that sea..

  • ghosthunter December 1, 2010

    As for the Ban.. I agree with Adam on this one.

    I was getting sick of it too..

  • blownoutasshol December 1, 2010

    holy shit that family came outta the woodwork. theyre like god damn cock roaches

  • oicu8abullet December 1, 2010

    So sad. No one's going to want to use that rope now.

  • spinal-tap December 1, 2010

    Niggers worst nightmare

  • bigredneck December 2, 2010

    fuck yall all ban me then skylerblue skyerblue skyerblue skyerblue skyerblue

  • honkie365 December 2, 2010

    Headline tomorrow morning...



  • rodeye2 December 2, 2010

    He couldn't come to grips with loosing his job at Top Rammen,he was the head noodle packer.

  • bluufrawst December 2, 2010

    no asain cock can tear an anus adam... get ur head on right...

  • marcodufour December 2, 2010

    Latest attempt by Asian man to make himself taller by the `Stretching method` fails !

  • cellule December 2, 2010

    He was an engeneer: he could tie knots that holds.

  • immortal December 2, 2010

    This is depressing, Who takes possession of the scooter?

  • jakeak74 December 2, 2010

    YNC.COM Much?

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