Murderer Tries To Cross The Freeway

This asshole strangled his wife to death and then decided to run from the cops across a 12 lane freeway, just a few cities south of us here at CS headquarters. Guess how that worked out for him. Get back in your, sir, and run him over again.

  • slippy December 3, 2010

    frogger with my life -Bad religion

  • spaulding December 3, 2010

    Run run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me cause i'm the screeaaaacchhhh BOOOM!... "I think my legs are broken."

  • chupamiverga December 3, 2010

    the mini van had nice form. looked like he practiced parallel parking like that.

  • shaggytwisty December 3, 2010

    Poor buttdarts he almost made it.......

  • dazzza December 3, 2010

    You "have" the right to remain silent.... O'hhhhh

  • godisdead December 3, 2010


  • pasher71 December 3, 2010

    at least he gets a few months in the med ward before he becomes someones bitch.

  • ohwickedwendi December 3, 2010

    Karma's a real bitch.

  • shadowchaser December 3, 2010

    Good shoot! I mean good hit! Now if I were the cop, I'd point my pistol at the head of the (hopefully) dead perp on the ground, and just happen to have an "accidental discharge", just to make sure our tax dollars are not wasted on this scum's hospital and prison bills. "Sorry Captain, got a sudden itch in my groin and I lost control of the trigger".

  • spedman December 3, 2010

    give the guy another quarter! stat!

  • fc420 December 3, 2010

    Loved the music

  • d90girl December 3, 2010

    OMG...just caught myself tapping to the music, lol

  • bigtalk December 3, 2010

    why does he have to be an asshole for strangling his wife maybe the bitch had it coming maybe he doesnt like mayo she knew that shit maybe the lettuce was soggy maybe he found mold on the bread all good reasons to choke a bitch

  • anomalous December 3, 2010

    Yeah, that must've been California there would've been at least three cops over there kickin' his ass an' tazin' an' mace an' maybe even a fuckin' dog chewin' on his ankle...

  • oicu8abullet December 3, 2010

    I hope the person in the van wasn't late for work.

  • rockinron December 3, 2010

    thats 2 ponts for the take down and 3 points for the landing!

  • atmydismay December 3, 2010

    What a feeling for the driver to feel like shit cuz u just slam into someone, then realize you did a good thing.

  • pinkdildo December 3, 2010

    ha aha ha ha ha ha aha ahahaha ahahahaha

  • tadd34 December 3, 2010

    Squish...Just like grape.

  • ghosthunter December 3, 2010

    Reminded me of a hockey hip check. good hit.

  • boredshitless December 4, 2010

    lowest frogger score ever!

  • stinkpalm December 4, 2010

    and the minivan credited with the assist....

  • bigddd December 5, 2010

    Once the driver realizes he hit a black man he gets back in the van to drive away. no big deal

  • rate_or_byhour January 19, 2011

    who leaked footage to the new frogger game

  • dubjunkee June 1, 2012

    +1 that it was a mini van (wifes spirit takes revenge)

    -1 Retard, you fuckin had that but you hesitated last second. now you got broken legs in prison, your size guy coulda been well off bubba, now your bubbas broke ass bitch

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