Let's Test Out This Bullet Proof Vest

If you really want to test out a bullet proof vest, you actually have to shoot the vest, not the person wearing it. Although I have to admit, this way is much more entertaining. But we didn't get to find out how effective the vest is, so shoot again.

  • spaulding December 6, 2010

    That gun is as accurate as the weatherman.

  • oicu8abullet December 6, 2010

    Like I've said before. Dumb people have a way of weeding themselves out.

  • wirrdo December 6, 2010

    looks like he wont be jack'n off any time soon maybe his buddy will help him out wiht that

  • fc420 December 6, 2010

    Trailer Park Fun! It was the aluminum that made the bullet go off course.

  • inked123 December 6, 2010

    I would have loved to see him actually have hit the vest...At that range the round would have gone straight through... Hope they diddent scratch the trailer....

  • killkenny December 6, 2010

    Now try it with an apple on his head.

  • rockinron December 6, 2010

    they were not testing the vest. he wanted a million dollar wound to get sent home.

  • badbiddy December 6, 2010

    I am thinking he didn't say hold still I am gonna pop you in the arm

  • damnraw December 6, 2010


  • marcodufour December 6, 2010

    The I.R.A.`S. kneecapping wing had been subbed out to a drunken Russkie on Vodka !!

  • wargod December 6, 2010

    Make I.Q. tests mandatory for gun sales

  • jesse69 December 6, 2010

    Damn. Bet that's gonna leave a mark!

  • h4rdcor3 December 6, 2010

    You missed!... up a little and to the right

  • pasher71 December 6, 2010

    If your gonna stand there and let some asshole shoot at you don't cry when you eat the bullet.

  • bigtalk December 6, 2010

    to bad it wasnt set on automatic

  • island_mon December 6, 2010

    He was too cheap to buy the kevlar sleeve's made especially for tricks like this.

  • d90girl December 6, 2010

    Look not a dent in the vest.....it worked !!

  • x6joker9x December 6, 2010

    Opps Sorry man

  • the_argus December 6, 2010

    Haha KK. I'd give you +5 if I could.

  • anrconvert December 6, 2010

    ha ha and all the jokes about women and guns eh

  • jgod December 6, 2010

    What kind of idiot tests out a vest with a ak47 that fucker will shoot through a brick wall

  • ghosthunter December 6, 2010

    And Now you know why the USA won the cold war!!!

  • anomalous December 6, 2010

    Should've use a 12 gauge with double ought buckshot.

  • dazzza December 7, 2010

    So that's where the term friendly fire comes from.

  • ikarn21 December 7, 2010

    "Trailer Park Fun! It was the aluminum that made the bullet go off course."

    how is that so cockhead?! bullets dont rebound off fucking trailers crackhead! they go straight though them a AK round would go though at least (under estimating) 4 of them. the whole problem was that they used a AK47! their shit house accuracy put it in the hands of a dumbfuck and ya arent going to be coming out of that situation with all your limbs

  • joecommonsense December 7, 2010

    im glad the russians still dont think like Americans do. First, she's not aiming, second the round doesnt always go where you want it to even when you are aiming

  • immanuelkunt December 7, 2010

    Notice how gun queers and trailers travel in close company. Toothless motherfuckers. If only they had anything large enough to be called a dick, they wouldn't have to fuck around with guns. And fuck you, asshole.

  • damgreedyjew December 8, 2010

    thats how you shoulda banned skylerblue

  • ohwickedwendi December 8, 2010

    ^^I smell a ban hammer^^

  • buttnuster December 10, 2010

    oooops my bad

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