Oh My God, I'm Hurt

Yeah, no shit you're hurt. We just watched you get crushed between a car and a concrete barrier. You won't be using those legs any time soon, if ever.

  • t0mmy December 12, 2010

    maybe its karma for being a corrupt cop... always speeding down the road just to get a burger. they do that all the time

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  •   jesse69 December 12, 2010

    Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark.

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  • sikamikanico69 December 12, 2010

    that sux.

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  • 2indastink December 12, 2010

    your gonna need a new set of legs, merry christmas.

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  •   rockinron December 12, 2010

    oh god im hurt? no shit really?

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  • fetuswithaids December 12, 2010

    That was the fastest death metal video I have ever seen.

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  • cally18 December 12, 2010

    i would not want to be that dood

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  • h4rdcor3 December 12, 2010

    Thats why you should be out catching rapists, murderers and peadophiles instead of routine traffic stops... +1 for the driver

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  • tha_ringmaster December 12, 2010

    the guy pulled over was runnin' heroine from a state over, the guy in the speeding car was watching out for him, u know.. insurance.

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  • mccracken December 12, 2010

    Shitty deal, I guess maybe next time you need the jaws of life, they will be at your momma's house pickin up her teeth from the ground from yer daddy's beating h4rdcor3!

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  • reddan December 12, 2010

    that is a nice car by the way

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  • oicu8abullet December 12, 2010

    Probably still got a ticket.

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  •   pizzapie December 12, 2010

    until death do us part

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  • godbluff December 12, 2010

    did the jersey barrier died?

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  • ohwickedwendi December 12, 2010

    I bet that guy ends up not getting that ticket.

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  • miked December 12, 2010

    omg my goat hair

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  • boredshitless December 12, 2010

    i smell a lawsuit from hell

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  • wisconsinjed December 13, 2010

    Oh my God!! That hurts me so bad just watching it! Me and some buddies went hunting early one morning close to 20 years ago and as we were getting our stuff out of the back of the truck one of my buddies was hit by a car. A high school kid was driving to school and the sun was rising right on the horizen and because it was a seldom used back road my buddy parked his truck partially on the road. Needless to say my buddy was pinned betweenthe students car and his truck. He immediately lost his right leg about mid-thigh and his left leg was severely mangled but not completely off. We worked hard trying to staunch the bleeding because we were a long way away from a hospital. None of us had any medical or even first aid training but it's amazing what u can do if u have no choice. He lived but I think he may wished he hadn't. His wounds were infected and he lost everything just below his navel. Sad story!

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  • tadd34 December 13, 2010

    Rub some dirt on it and walk it it off... Sissy!!

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  • pasher71 December 13, 2010

    dude your job SUCKS!!!!

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  • mrbigglesworth December 13, 2010

    Man, that guys cursing sucks! If that would have been me, you'd think I'd need an exorcism.

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  • carinya December 13, 2010

    Straight away we hear OMG OMG. I wish we oculd shoot people for saying that.

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  • dv8don December 13, 2010


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  • pinkdildo December 13, 2010

    why do cops bother with having their lights on? it attracts other dumasses like moths.

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  • cellule December 13, 2010

    Ghosts can go through walls & stuff, not the ghost-cop-cars.

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  • ghosthunter December 13, 2010

    Wheel chairs are in this poor bastards future!!

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  • rodeye2 December 13, 2010

    It looked like he went across 10 lanes to do that.

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  • damgreedyjew December 14, 2010

    its the drive thru window bandits mother

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  • dougiestyle December 14, 2010

    Wiscons amazing story... OMg im hurt haha!

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  • wisconsinjed December 15, 2010

    Does anyone know where and when this happened? Also, does anyone know how this guy is doing? My God, I am so sorry for this guy! I will say a prayer for him and his family and the woman that hit him. It will be etched in her mind 4 the rest of her life.

    Hey carinya. I am not sure if u will come back to this video but if u do can u explain what u meant by ur post? I am not trying to provoke u in anyway. Just curious. Peace u guys!

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