Fun on The Icey Streets of Colorado Springs

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Yesterday was a fun day in Colorado Springs if you like to stand on the side of the street and watch cars try to go up a hill, only to slide down and slam into other cars. If you have not noticed, I love to do that. I love to see videos of that. This one in Colorado Springs is just another example of how easy it is to amuse me.

  • crusader January 1, 2011

    I love this shit.

  • killkenny January 1, 2011

    Do they really think that holding that brake pedal is gonna help? Rly?

  • ghosthunter January 1, 2011

    DUDE!!! Pass the blunt your hitting to every getting wrecked!!

  • 2indastink January 1, 2011

    free Charles Manson.

  • aryan-rule January 1, 2011

    ^ someone call security! looks like 2indastink has escaped from his padded cell again....

  • buttdarts January 1, 2011

    KK comments??? Like he could drive in snow. Anything other than sand gives him trouble. :)

  • myballsyorchin January 1, 2011

    how fukin retarded do you have to be to live there and not have chains on your car...and 4wd does not work if all 4 tires are sliding on ice, never hit the brakes if youre moving. i live in sunny so cal and i own snow chains and know when to use em.... damnit i hate when i write a paragraph...-1

  • rockinron January 1, 2011

    so whats new? this is everyday in michigan.

  • rockinron January 1, 2011

    this is how we cope with stress in the winter in michigan

  • spaulding January 1, 2011

    That's gonna be me in Utah this week. Only I'll cause all the accidents, not follow everyone else into an accident.

  • danalan666 January 1, 2011

    hint: lay off the brakes!

  • boredshitless January 1, 2011

    every single one of those dumbass' were holding the brake, if left in a low gear w/ high rpm's every one would've kept going

  • atmydismay January 1, 2011

    Id love to see the turd burglar on this road

  • mccracken January 1, 2011

    You fuckers ever heard of salt down there?

  • davejavu January 1, 2011

    The owner of the black car thats parked must be so pissed.....3 people hit his car. Have fun sorting out insurance with all those people.

  • rodeye2 January 1, 2011

    They're going to have fun keeping track of who hit who when it comes down to exchangng info.

  • d90girl January 1, 2011


  • n306 January 1, 2011

    This would be a great Larry Parker commercial, Larry Parker got me you know the story…

  • juggalo781 January 1, 2011

    parallel parking, you're doing it wrong!

  • damgreedyjew January 2, 2011

    i wonder how many of them had no insurance

  • marsape January 2, 2011

    It seems bad weather brings the Fuck Head out in some of us

  • immanuelkunt January 2, 2011

    I love it when a big american truck busts the fuck out of these puny little fucking shitbox foreign POS's like each of you miserable little wiggers drive.

  • ohwickedwendi January 2, 2011

    In Wisconie, we follow the plows....or have our friends drive ahead of us, dumping sand and salt from the bed of the truck, lol

  • krazyk January 3, 2011

    Too many dumb asses on one strip

  • nativenatas January 17, 2011

    women drivers

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