Trailer Park Shootout

Some nut job in Ohio blasted a deputy in her face with a shotgun while she was taking a picture of a foot print outside his trailer. Here's a little footage of the shootout that followed her death. Another cop was injured and the shooter was killed, however they haven't said if it was by the cops or himself. New Years in a trailer park is always exciting.

  • atmydismay January 2, 2011

    it must have been a toothless shirtless drunk inside

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  • 2indastink January 2, 2011

    I live in a fucking trailer park with my sister/girlfriend and dad/boyfriend YEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!

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  • spaulding January 2, 2011

    I fought the law and the law won..

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  •   pizzapie January 2, 2011

    Note to cops, bullets will go through a trailer

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  •   killkenny January 2, 2011

    Shouldda shot one of those gas tanks. BOOM!

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  • buzzhawg January 2, 2011

    atmydismay... learn some geography. Go north from Ohio and you're in Canada. We aren't a bunch of hicks.

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  • deviousjoker January 2, 2011

    i could tell the cop that was shot is the one from hangover, he got shot IN THE FACE

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  • okjames January 2, 2011


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  • buzzhawg January 2, 2011

    Before some smart ass says it, first you're in Lake Erie.... then Canada.

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  • zahnfee January 2, 2011

    its not possible to kill a german township officer cause hes german. The highest honor is to BE an german. thats a big fake.

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  • d90girl January 2, 2011


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  • bigtalk January 2, 2011

    i swear everytime you hear about police standoffs rapist,pedophiles or serial killers its always white ppl i guess thats why they coined the phrases going postal,hate crimes and meth labs what a race of sickies

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  • immanuelkunt January 2, 2011

    you're right about new year's eve in the trailer park. What fun!

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  • anomalous January 2, 2011

    @killkenny....Myth Busted.

    As for what happened in the video....she shoulda been taking pictures of a sandwich in the damn kitchen.

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  •   rockinron January 2, 2011

    hey bigtalk better tpo be white and do that shit then kill and rape your 8 day old baby like the nigger did last week and the 9 day old that was killed the same way by another nigger last summer. and white folks atleast kill for an idea and not for 16 bucks from a fucking 7/11 so they can buy a crack rock. and for your info it was'nt a white guy in the trailer!!!

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  • gasguy January 2, 2011

    airstreem is not airtight

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  • ohwickedwendi January 2, 2011

    Wow...that deputy sure wasn't having a very good day.

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  • oglock666 January 2, 2011

    I shot a sherif and i guess i shoot a deputy too...

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  • u-235 January 2, 2011

    "I told yunz, Ima not givin up my dale jr die cast,my lynard skynard, hank willimas jr cds! "

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  • rareranking January 2, 2011

    rockinron Your a dumbshit moron, white people shooting up schools in shit not blacks, No black person has ever shot up a school (your forgot about Columbine High School massacre)And all of the copy cats are all white! Moral of the story has nothing to do with race its just all ingnorant like your acting!

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  • rodeye2 January 3, 2011

    ^^^Moral of the story is most blacks can't afford and/or legally own a gun.^^^

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  • supercow January 3, 2011

    I was going to say, there is no money in killing people at schools...

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  • n306 January 3, 2011

    that must have her that cop was yellin

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  • bigtalk January 3, 2011

    cockinass i love how you dumb white boys try and sound intelligent by being ignorant lmfao

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  • jamie_c January 3, 2011

    this was at Enon Beach in Ohio, close to me I live in Dayton... some fat old guy went fuckin crazy!!!

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  •   pizzapie January 3, 2011

    Why is everything always a race issue?

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  • marsape January 3, 2011

    ^fucking so true Pizzapie, one of my black South Sea Islander friends died last month, he is missed by hundreds of us whites, fucking lovely Man, did so much for all Renal patients in the Hospitals.

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  • jamesfriendly6 January 3, 2011

    It's to bad only one cop got shot, I hope to set a record if they come for me!

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  • damgreedyjew January 3, 2011

    well big talk everytime you hear about a carjacking and robbery its always a couple a porchmonkeys

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  • ghosthunter January 3, 2011

    what a way to strt the new year off.. getting killed.

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  • laseto March 22, 2011

    Thats what white small town cocky men/wemon cops get.

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  • pimpnuts May 9, 2011

    might as well take as many cops with you

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  • dirtybc April 5, 2012


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  • cynuckm January 10, 2015

    Good for you you fucking pig, Pay back time, this is not police brutality, this is civilian brutality, How does it feel now, you fucking pig

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  • frank n. stein August 21, 2017

    One less piece of trailer park trash. Sad that a deputy lost her life.

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