Give Us All Your Fags

These assholes in Caversham, England want all your fags. No, not fags as in buttdarts and iluvkitty, fags meaning cigarettes. They beat the hell out of the kwik stop employee and then stole all the smokes in the store. Maybe smoking is more addictive than I give it credit for. This is a hell of a lot better than sucking dick for heroin though.

  • chupamiverga January 26, 2011

    he got knocked the fuck out!!!

  • h4rdcor3 January 26, 2011

    The guy is too busy break dancing in the biscuit isle to realise his store is being robbed

  • iluvkitty January 26, 2011

    FUCK YOU..... you fucking cigarette.

  • spaulding January 26, 2011

    So let me get this straight, you stole all the smokes, but no beer to go with them, or any beef jerky when you get the beer munchies? You fail as robbers.

  • thewinkler January 26, 2011

    What England? No guns? Ohh well, hate to tell ya

  • strutter January 26, 2011

    theifs stelling a freezer...clever...must be eskimos

  • bigtalk January 26, 2011

    nicotine is a hell of drug

  • rockinron January 26, 2011

    hey i'll give ya 10 bucks for a carton of cools!!

  • lubedanus January 26, 2011

    Dead guy in ile 2 Clean upppp please

  • ohwickedwendi January 26, 2011

    Damn--I hate when my co-workers just lie around doing nothing.

  • boobles January 26, 2011

    I don't condone the violence, but did you notice how the shop owner was a pakki? Didn't I tell you they are everywhere in England? Plus the cost of a box of fags is the equavalant of about $14...! That haul was worth a fortune.

  • atmydismay January 26, 2011

    Hey man can you spare a smoke

  • h4rdcor3 January 26, 2011

    There should be a warning on this video: watching this can cause lung cancer and heart disease

  • wackinisgood January 26, 2011

    get a job Bigtalk

  • boredshitless January 26, 2011

    cool, they have cheerio's in qwik-e-marts in england

  • simplechaos January 26, 2011

    "Damn it the cash register wont open...we'll just take these instead!"

  • buttdarts January 27, 2011

    Nice description Adam. You're such a tool. I hope Jay replaces you soon.

  • atom January 27, 2011

    Buttdarts callout nicely answered! Amen

  • marsape January 27, 2011

    No Comment, Adam H. already gets comment of the year for this, Ahhahahahhahah, you made them cry, Ahahahahahah, love it.

  • killdacrabs January 27, 2011


  • slippy January 27, 2011

    Red lights blinking, time to retire, so we turned that liquor store into a structure fire...

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