Pogo Stick Faceplant

Joey's got a pogo trick that will knock your tits off. He's going to attempt a back flip, bounce off his face into a front flip, and land on his feet. Let's see him do it.

  • spaulding February 8, 2011

    You failed in front of a big crowd. You'll never live that down. Ever. Go kill yourself.

  • duckduck February 8, 2011

    so thats what the roller-bladers are doing now

  • larbob February 8, 2011

    he fall down, go boom.

  • anomalous February 8, 2011

    He used to be able to count to five, but now he can only make it to potato....

  • h4rdcor3 February 8, 2011

    That will teach you to stop listening to Bieber songs

  • chainzshit February 8, 2011

    what a dumb ass.. anyway he looks better than justin bieber now

  • willylickaball February 8, 2011

    I'm glad Joey is deaf and he didn'thear all those people laugh at him atleast he can still rembers sign language.

  • thundermug February 8, 2011

    If he would have douched himself with Axe body-spray before, he would have pulled it off. EXTREME!!!!

  • picklehiesner February 8, 2011

    boing boing boing boing flip crash ouch

  • rockinron February 8, 2011

    at the end he was showing how hi he can count frontwards and backwards, im ok mommy. can i have pancakes

  • the_argus February 8, 2011

    It's not even the same dude at the end of the video. The pogo homo had a white shirt, and the other guy had a red shirt.

  • slippy February 8, 2011

    ^^LMAO "pogo homo" +1 for you sir

  • btcseven February 8, 2011

    Wait....is this some kinda trick?

  • ohwickedwendi February 8, 2011

    Kid shoulda just stuck to making bad gang signs...

  • lilmannyfresh February 8, 2011


  • bananno February 9, 2011

    at least there was some sand to stop him from slamming his face on the ground...

  • u-235 February 9, 2011

    DARE he try that again!

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