Armed Robber Meets Baseball Bat

If you point a gun at somebody, you should probably be ready to use it. Kwik-E-Mart man doesn't fuck around when it comes to his store, and he's happy to introduce this asshole to his aluminum bat. The cops ended up noticing a car matching the description with windows smashed out. They found the dumbass laying on the couch inside with his head bandaged up. Back to prison for that idiot.

  • lubedanus February 9, 2011

    What a fucking dumb ass

  • two-hats February 9, 2011

    He should have been polite like the old guy yesterday, he didn't get his head smashed in.

  • ryeguy86 February 9, 2011

    why would you rob a kwickt mart? CMOOOOOOOON LOSER

  • mrdevil February 9, 2011

    hey shop owner the CCTV is supposed to film the bad guys

  • spaulding February 9, 2011

    I bet the quick e shop owner invests in a nice handgun now.

  • wackinisgood February 9, 2011

    why rob a quicki mart? cause your a shitty ass nigger, thats y

  • 45acp February 9, 2011

    We had our words, a common spat

    So I kissed him upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat

    My name is Mud

  • killkenny February 9, 2011

    Don't fuck with Apu. He's got 10 little Indians to take care of.

  • willylickaball February 9, 2011

    Here all this time I thought they were into cricket not baseball.

  • rockinron February 9, 2011

    amed up to bat, its a swing and a hit!!! its going, going, he's gone!!! home run!!! amed knocked that niger outta the parking lot!!! quickymart wins it by 1 !!

  • chainzshit February 9, 2011

    he was lucky that the grandma from yesterdays video wasnt there

  • bigtalk February 9, 2011

    i admire the balls on this guy stupid as furniture but act and not think is what your kind do 7.50 an hour is what i would price that your life is worth also

  • yeknom February 10, 2011

    I love watching criminals meet sweet justice.

  • godbluff February 10, 2011

    Meanwhile, a freeforall rampage goes on in the store. everything is gone while he chases the deuce.

  • asstro February 10, 2011

    That's what happens when you come across a guy that has a bat and "balls"

  • killdozer February 10, 2011

    The robber was a black man. Who would have figured.

  • cellule February 10, 2011

    I hope your father is stupid enough to believe you wrecked his car while humping a bitch on the back-seat..

  • ohwickedwendi February 10, 2011

    I pity the fool who robs the Quik-E Mart...

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