Why Finland Police Fuck Estonia?

Usually I would edit down a video this long, but I fucking love this guy! He is too cool. A pepper spray facial doesn't phase him. His weapons of choice are a plastic bin and a broomstick, and I believe he could do some damage with them. I really hope he gets his lawyer.

  • cellule February 18, 2011

    His english is worse then mine and he gets to star on Crazy Shit!?!? I want to lawyer see now right!

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  • h4rdcor3 February 18, 2011

    All that just for selling fruit and veg without a market permit

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  • rush February 18, 2011

    Hmmm...15 against 1...ok you win, this time!!

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  • tripnwithleary February 18, 2011

    american police would have shot his ass then go on paid leave 4 a couple days.. then be rite back on the street spreading injustice

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  • joseffritzl February 18, 2011

    police woman would get it...

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  • spedman February 18, 2011

    that was some pretty decent camera work there. hope he gets to see a lawyer. maybe brother fist could help him?

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  • wackinisgood February 18, 2011

    nothing to see here lol

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  • madgr33nz420 February 18, 2011

    did somebody call for a lawyer, i never charge a feel unless i collect

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  •   rockinron February 18, 2011

    shit one whack with the ban hammer and it woulda all be over with!

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  • marcodufour February 18, 2011

    My money is on the big guy !

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  • marcodufour February 18, 2011

    Although technically under E.U. law you can`t have a lawyer till you have been arrested and charged.

    Sighs the voice of experience !

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  • marcodufour February 18, 2011

    As i said to the last judge` If i am going to get fucked, i want a kiss and a cuddle first !`

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  • bananno February 18, 2011

    the chick cop at the end needs some sperm on her face i think.

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  • totone February 18, 2011

    This guys gotta be a vikeing man even if they had a taser I doubt it woulda helped those cops are lucky hes on his off cycle of roids or they'd all be dead

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  • wisconsinjed February 18, 2011

    Hey tripin!! Me and a good friend drove up to Minocqua thinking for some reason that we could find some other friends that were camping there. To make matters worse we partook of some extremely clean gel tabs. Awesome stuff, ya' know. Well, the drive up was a good time and when we arrived we went to Paul Bunyon's restaurant in Minocqua and as I was reading a USA Today paper I learned that Mr. Tim O' had died that day. My tripping days were few and far between at this point so I thought it was cool that on the day he died we celebrated his life! Cool beans huh?!! Peace my man!!

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  • wisconsinjed February 18, 2011

    On another note I kind of went back in Crazyshit's archives and checked out alot of cop killing videos. The way that many of them died was from a nonchalant attitude from the cop. The vast majority, it would seem, would still be alive if they would have pulled the person out of the car at gunpoint regardless of the situation. Now we know that that will never happen because if it did then we would say "police brutality", "lack of due process", "probable cause" and so forth and so on. I am not a cop and I really don't even consider myself to be a ardent police supporter but after watching the many videos here and elsewhere that shows cops being killed it does make me have more respect for cops as a whole. Take the big North Hollywood robbery that had the two guys with AK-47's and full body armor. The police put themselves in harms way to protect the innocents, knowing full well that they could have very easily never have seen their families again! To me that says alot about them. Once I was very, very disrespected by a smart ass cop once in my life and my God was I pissed and I could see how many people do not respect or even trust the police! I am certain that no one here can name any group that doesn't have liars, cheats, molesters, killers, and plain bad, bad people in their midst. Doesn't make it right but it's the sad truth. Seeing many young husbands and fathers dying to keep us safe has given me a new appreciation and respect for our policemen though. Peace guys and gals and try to be kind of one another. The world is already fucked up enough for all of us peons making it worse.

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  • slyworm February 18, 2011

    At wiscon^ ... You are right long winded but correct.. Even the maggots of society call the cops when they are getting their ass's kicked... They can be a pain but without them, it would be chaos...

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  •   mrpoop February 18, 2011

    that dude has skills

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  • mrbigglesworth February 19, 2011

    You get a lawyer after you get your beatdown and anal probe -- everyone knows that.

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  • n306 February 19, 2011

    I give him props for not going down without a fight

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  • xxranger February 19, 2011

    looks like someone forgot how to apply a choke hold

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  • ohwickedwendi February 19, 2011

    I want that guy for my next party!

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  • haterade February 20, 2011

    what a fucking newb. everyone knows if you want to bash cops you act all nice and get them to drop their guard, THEN you fling shit in their eyes and bite them with your hepatitis teeth.

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  • okjames March 3, 2011

    atleast he won

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  • johnny_quest June 23, 2011

    i think this guy had military training or was trained in some martial arts for him to take pepper spray like that along with holding that broom like a pro

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