Cop Gets Sucker Punched and Kicked

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Adam H.
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The way I see it, a cop getting jacked by two guys is just karma doing it's thing. But if you are going to beat on a cop, do it right. Render him unconscious, disarm him, and steal his car. And don't get caught.

  • thunderbutt February 20, 2011

    oopsy, got caught

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  • kissarmy12 February 20, 2011

    i wonder who the douche is sitting in the cop car just watching this cop get beat , dont jump in or nothing ,he is only getting jumped

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  • 2indastink February 20, 2011

    legalize cop bashing.

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  • crusader February 20, 2011

    oooo come on ... self-defense!!!!

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  •   ouch February 20, 2011

    He took the last doughnut

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  • crazypoopz February 20, 2011

    shouldnt of took his coors light

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  • crazypoopz February 20, 2011

    now the cop issues parking tickets with a helmet on

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  • crazypoopz February 20, 2011

    hahahaha its doofy

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  • gabryl February 20, 2011

    if i was the cop i would have just shot the mother fucken white trash, what a fag

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  • t0mmy February 20, 2011

    will cops really shove a nightstick in your ass?

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  • moldedguppy February 20, 2011

    Ya cop bash till you wish you muther fukers had one to save your sorry ass then it's why the fuck wasn't you here to help me. I fucking hate people, I am not specific I just hate everyone.

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  • ohwickedwendi February 20, 2011

    I was waiting for Vince McMahon to come out and announce the next wrestling date.

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  • bigtalk February 20, 2011

    white guys always got to jump somebody

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  • invisus February 20, 2011

    If some dipshit cop just up and tased me for no damn reason I would shove that thing down his throat. Big boy let go of him when he thought things had evened up. Cops seem to believe they can treat the general public like crap and get away with it.

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  •   rockinron February 20, 2011

    your all a buncha whining bitchs!! if you need a cop he is your best friend. next time some shit happens to you fuckin hipocrits dont call 911!! i wish this cop would jump up and blow these 2 fucking shitstains on society away!!

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  • yamaha151 February 20, 2011


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  • invisus February 20, 2011

    Never had a cop show up when I needed one. After multiple phone calls for felonious vandalism, breaking and entering, criminal mischief, destruction of property and numerous assaults. Cry me a fucking river ron. I did have one try to give me a speeding ticket recently. Too bad barney fife couldn't read the speed limit signs. I was under the posted limit. He did waste nearly an hour of my time and wanted to search my truck. Threatened me when I told him no. I respect the position but the ones I have met make a mockery of the honor.

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  • showmeurtits February 20, 2011

    Beat him like do-nut batter.

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  • showmeurtits February 20, 2011

    I have called these worthless motherfuckers to come do their job and instead of doing their job they want to stand around and harrass me..


    I'd rather handle shit myself then waste my time calling these fuckers!


    And they would rather pull over people for speeding then go out and catch real criminals... Speeders are less likely to actually be a threat to them.. And god knows they all want to be called HEROS (my ass!)


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  • xxranger February 20, 2011

    the cam went off and the cop got some get back

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  • wackinisgood February 21, 2011

    fuckin cops specially short ones... im with invisus on this one ron. cops suck dick

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  • xjugxheadx February 21, 2011

    Should have shot the dude.

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  • mccracken February 21, 2011

    OK just me - but I respect the law, and brave people that do the job. Bunch of you fucking assholes just whine and complain because you got a ticket? Fuckin boohoo - I know cops, and the shit and depravity they see in the human race is just disgusting. They don't show up to your vandalism because someone just murdered someones mother, or they are attending some bar for some drunk fuck that just fell and bashed his head in on the sidewalk, or got his ass kicked.

    If they are assholes, it is years of putting up with people like these two fucks.

    Yeah - I would love it if whining bitches who always say "fuck the Police" would just get cut off from 911 lines so that they couldn't complain either way about Police, and deal with someone kicking in their front door.

    If you think you can do better, get a God Damn application and start doing the bang up job you think should be done!

    Oh - and just to be clear, I am pretty sure cops go to donut shops for a break, because at 4 am - where the fuck else are they going to have a coffee and something to eat?

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  • boredshitless February 21, 2011

    like i always say if your gonna harass me and take me to jail over nothing... i will give you a reason pig!

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  • spaulding February 21, 2011

    hahhaha nice way to deflate that fuckers ego.

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  • d90girl February 21, 2011

    Dial 911 and make a Cop come

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  • tripnwithleary February 21, 2011

    i wanna see more shit like this!! with the shoe on other foot..

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  • tripnwithleary February 21, 2011

    you must be a cop

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  • ohwickedwendi February 21, 2011

    Just for the record...there are good cops, and there are the assholes that managed to become cops. These guys put their lives on the line every day for us...any traffic stop could get them shot. Any domestic dispute they go to could get them killed. Remember that.

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  • moldedguppy February 21, 2011

    Thank you wendy, I put my life on the line everyday for ungreatful people. And a few greatful ones.

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  • fiernocht February 21, 2011

    Lol, fucking Idiot cops, there are only a few decent ones, and they usually get run off by the assholes. I never call the cops to handle any kind of problem like that. I let my fists and my 12ga do the talking for me.

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  • wisconsinjed February 21, 2011

    Hard to beloieve this is real because that cop was just plain ass DUMB!!

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  • wisconsinjed February 21, 2011

    Rockinron, we seem to disagree on my things and I would even go so far to say that you are irrational on many things! Truth be told we just disagree on many things, which is cool, but I say here-here on your quote this time. You're spot on here dude, spot on!! Most times that people disagree on things it's on subjects that doesn't matter in people's day to day lives but this is a very important discussion. A very, very small% of bad cops can seem a very, very large %. 99 good actions can be cancelled out by one single bad action.

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  • wisconsinjed February 21, 2011

    Invisus, show, and McCraken I hear you guys also and would agree with you. I think people opinion of the cops will largely depend on their race, where they live, their income, and many other factors. Now in a perfect world none of these factors should ever matter but that it just not the case. If a cop pulls over an elderly white couple in a Cadillac then he is going to act totally different then when he pulls over a car with two young black guys in a Chevelle. I think 100% of the people here will agree that it isn't right but it is the truth. I tell ya' guys that there are so many factors involved in that statement that it isn't an easy fix and I really feel bad for two young black law abidding guys. They are going to be treated with disrespect no matter what but what is the answer? Like I said before, the cops that you see here on CS that have been killed in the line of duty wouldm not have died if they pulled the killers out of their cars with as little respect as possible so what's what is right guys and gals. In don't have the answers, just more questions. You guys help me out here! Peace guys!!

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  • wisconsinjed February 21, 2011

    I have one final question and it is one that I have for a long time. America's most prolific serial killers are almost always white, correct? I wanted to ask you guys if it could be that cops are far less likely to look away from African and Latin American's. Could this give the White guy's more time to kill more people? I don't know the answer but that could be one reason, not sure but.......

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  • mccracken February 21, 2011

    I think we all have an opinion of how cops are.

    I can say that all black are criminals, all asians are shitty drivers, all Mexicans are lazy - but that isn't the case.

    Cops are the same...they have a hard job which they signed up for and there are some real fucking pricks out there. But if you treat them with respect, you get it back.

    If you treat them like an asshole, you will get it back in full!

    As for the white serial killer thing?

    Serial killers kill - and are careful not to be caught, and cover their tracks so they can do it again because they feel a need to do it. They don't do it out of emotion filled moments of passion.

    There is a whole dynamic that you could go into for the race card and crime....too long to get into.

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  • moldedguppy February 22, 2011

    Sad to say that there are bad cops out there, so I get stereotyped with them just because I where a badge. If I am given respect I give it in return. But if you roll down your window and start some shit with me, I am only going to prove to you that I am the dominate party. People already have their own preconceived ideas about people and cops before ever giving them a chance. Just becuase someone doesn't fit your approval in appearance does not make them a bad person. It just makes them different.

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  • invisus February 22, 2011

    Good ones and bad ones. But every cop trying to be dominate in every situation is part of the problem. If someone is guilty, by all means they deserve it. But I am not guilty. Trying to intimidate me, isn't going to work. I will call your bluff. You push me I will push back. Within the law. Seems to me that with every cop now dressing like swat/military, trying to dominate every situation it just keeps getting worse. My Mom dated a cop for more than a decade. The police see the public as the enemy( I have heard it in their conversations at police balls, amongst groups of cops that relax together and read the intonations in their manuals). It is in the culture and emblematic of the problem.

    FYI, I did not get a ticket, the local cop was in the wrong. After I spent my valuable time convincing and showing him why, he was pissed. Then he tried to intimidate me and wanted to get into my truck and search it. He damn near caught a beating. I saw his aggressive actions and attempt at intimidation as threatening. If he had managed to rip the door open he would have been flat out on the road when I finished. I don't drink, do drugs or speed. My vehicles are all well maintained, insured and fully registered. I don't need anyone to kneel before me but just treat me with the same respect I treat you. That is the problem with the police.

    I work sixty hours a week for myself. I am a wealthy white guy. Highly educated no less. I operate multiple businesses and when my ability to operate a business is threatened because ongoing vandalism and theft that just keeps on getting worse, there is a problem. That is part of the police purview. And again, another reason police have trouble getting respect. I know it is not a high priority and I understand that. But don't then solicit donations from me and ask me to contribute my businesses proceeds to your cause.

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  • killtacular February 22, 2011

    Hmm..I hav a lot of conflicting thoughts about cops. And for good reason. But that's another matter entirely.

    Police often come off as callous simply because many of them have seen so much violence, death, and other such criminal behavior and results that they become indifferent to the emotions and feelings of others.

    You'd have an attitude of ndifference, too, if you had to go through a single day of what many police officers go through. Many have had to kill kids no older than their own offspring for being retarded enough to pull a gun on them.

    Cops have a hard enough time doing their jobs without arrogant pricks thinking they're above the law and causing them more problems.

    And yes, there re good cops and bad cops. Good cops have to work 3 times as hard to fix the reputation that bad cops fuck up.

    With budget cuts all across the board, some police forces have had to cut spending. Here in Tulsa, Ok., the police had to cut use of their choppers for damn near a year to make ends meet.

    You want to blame someone for the lack of police action in your neighborhoods, blame your government for wasting ~your~ money on an overbloated military, instead of putting that money to use for the good of the citizenry.

    I agree, also, that psyche evaluations should be made mandatory before you can become an officer, and a psyche evaluation should be made every six months to determine if the job is taking it's toll on an officer's frame of mind.

    Investigations should also be made into the monetary gain of officers who seem to be living beyond their means but still managing to rake in enough money to buy new cars or whatever. It's those officers that are likely dealing under the table with drug dealers.

    I'll tell you this, if I am ever pulled over by an unmarked car, by a cop in plainclothes, I'm calling it in to make sure it's a legitimate officer and not someone impersonating an officer in an attempt to mug me.

    I also think that any officer caught using excessive force should be placed under citizens arrest for police brutality.

    Because that's what it really is. They've dumbed down the words from "Police Brutality" to "Uneccesary Force" in an effort to placate the citizenry and trick them into thinking the offense isn't as bad as it really is.

    I also think that if a citizenry thinks a cop should lose his job (By majority vote) that he should lose that position immediately.

    The other part of this equation lies with the citizenry itself. If someone knows a cop is crooked, and can prove it, but does not, then it's the fault of that citizen that that officer still has their job.

    Fear and complacency is the reason most citizens don't stand up to the tyranny imposed by some cops to try and keep them quiet.

    The fact is, nobody is above the law. Not even the police. If I see a cop brutally attacking an unnarmed citizen during a 'routine traffic stop', you can bet your ass I'll be placing that officer under citizens arrest, regardless of how much 'trouble' I could get into for it.

    Just like if I see a man beating on a woman, I'm gonna walk up and knock that motherfucker out, then call the cops.

    And, with the new "Stand your ground" and "Make my day" laws in effect, it's a lot easier for the citizenry to take matters into their own hands. Someone tries to mug you and you got a knife or a gun? GUT THAT FUCKER. The law is on your side in that instance.

    The reason these laws are being implemented is because the Police forces cannot handle every call that comes in because there are only so many cops per district.

    Also, the reason why a lot of vandalism is repeated is because the person making the call doesn't have enough information to give the officers to make an arrest.

    Sometimes it's as easy to miss a criminal as the victim not knowing the getaway car's tag number.

    It's happened to me a few times where I live. I caught someone breaking into a small restaurant in the mini-mall behidn the building I live in, but being so high up and far enough away, I couldn't get the tag number, and, despite describing the clothing, gender, and race, as well as the vehicle, they never caught the culprits because I couldn't provide a tag number.

    So the fault doesn't necessarily lie with the cops. The citizenry is equally to blame for the 'bad guys getting away'.

    You want vandalism to stop? Start a neighborhood watch, carry firearms, and start plugging holes in motherfuckers who are breaking the law.

    Besides, who the fuck said it has to be a cop who does the deed of capturing criminals?

    The only thing they frown upon is vigilantism that results in the death of a suspect because that makes their job a little more complicated.

    And 9 times out of ten, those 'routine traffic stops' end in drug busts. Which means that those officer's have just contributed to the safety of some kid who might have become a drug addict as a result of those thugs selling them the drugs they just got busted for.

    And nobody wants to see some 12 year old kid hooked on crack.

    +4 -1
  • wisconsinjed February 23, 2011

    Thanks guys for all of your true insights. I am glad I didn't get the usual, "You're a retard, or stop writing long post you f'in idiot. I can't seem to convince people here that you DON'T have to read them, just skip it! They must not know how or they just want to bitch about something!

    Just last night I was walking out of our town's only store and and saw a kid who seemed to be ten or so and a young lady looking for something next to the road. Come to find out this kid was being bullied by three brothers who lived near the store. During the bullying the kid lost a brand new pair of glasses. I helped them look but I told them that they needed to call the police so a.) He could help us look with the powerful lights on their car.

    b.) That the bully's needed to pay for his glasses. The poor kid's family is probably not financially able to do so.

    Well, when the cop pulled out the young kid, the woman, and I walked over to the cop. He was talking to the kid and I chimed in with something the kid told me but after I got about three words out he pointed his flashlight into myu eyes and told me if I wasn't the kids father then I needed to "get the fuck" out of these. No argument from me(I thought that I would be in cuffs if I said one more word) I patted the young kid on the shoulder and told him not to worry so much about the bullies. That they normally have issues themselves that makes them want to downgrade others. (I am glad that doesn't happen here, NOT!!) Any way the cop was an asshole but I will respect the badge unless something big and bad happens. Peace guys! Again, thanks for the thoughtful insights.

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  • wisconsinjed February 23, 2011

    killtacular, I am not sure if u come back and read this post but I wish yours was toward the top becuase that is one insightful post. I have never thought about cops, I guess you could say, losing their innocence and their job also chips away at their morality. It's sort of like me or anyone buying any type of drugs. My first time I would be nervous even if nobody was in 50 miles of my buy but after a while I'd do it in a Wal-Mart parking with a cop convention in town! No what I'm saying! That reminds me of Johnny Depp in FAL in Las Vegas when he walks into the hotel lobby with his brief case full of drugs! Awesome post my man!

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