Dead Libyan Protester

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Adam H.
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Overthrowing your dictator does not come without cost. However, the cost would be less if the people actually had weapons instead of rocks. The Libyan government continues to show their people that they do not like to be fucked with.

  • thewinkler February 27, 2011

    Someone is going to have to stop this asshole. this is just staight up genocide.

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  • zahnfee February 27, 2011

    smile for the camera

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  • two-hats February 27, 2011

    The price of fuel goes up but the price of fresh meat is tumbling on the black market.

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  • rareranking February 27, 2011

    Better learn how to order fire arms off the internet, But they may forget to order bullets

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  •   killkenny February 27, 2011

    Freedom ain't free.

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  • killtacular February 27, 2011

    Freedom has a high cost..these guys have some serious balls. Don't let teir skin-tone fool you, these guys are more hardcore than Americans seem to be.

    I feel bad that these peaceful protesters are being shot up like this...

    They aught to start killing their oppressors with as much abandon as their oppressors use against them.

    Steal some guns from dead militia corpses and start shooting back. Fuck them rocks.

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  • wisconsinjed February 27, 2011

    It looks like this one died fast. I hope it was fast and painless! He has the look of a man who was a poor "nobody"! Now by "nobody" I am saying that if Libya became a democratic society life for him would have changed very little. Maybe he was protesting so his kids or grandkids or maybe for people that he doesn't even know can have a better chance in life then he did. I tell you this, he certainly doesn't match the American prototypical protester does he? Which begs the question, why does it seem that the American protester is doing quite well? Doesn't it seem that way to you guys? Now during the 20's-50's it may have seemed that way but certainly not now.

    I will go back to marsape post from a few days ago. Why would somebody like this protester pay the ultimate price for something that is not going to do much to help him? America overcame great odds in it's early development because almost all of America was willing to go through extreme peril so America could become America. I am afraid to say that there are very, very few that would do the same now. That is why we as a country is failing. Our creed of religious freedom, freedom of expression, free speech, pretty much the freedom to say or do almost everything is a great thought isn't, in my opinion, feasible. I am sure that you guys have heard to expression, "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." I am afraid that since we stand for everything, EVERYTHING, then we are going to fail just as surely as we stood for nothing. It's sort of hard to explain but I think most of you will get my point. Peace all!

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  • sicasso February 27, 2011

    Hold real still sir we'll pull that cavity out for ya after we extract that bullit in your head. accually these are very brave people to stand up to a dictator stealing the countries wealth for 42 years and they've had enough, time to go so end your reign and take your punishment like a man.

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  • ohwickedwendi February 27, 2011

    How many dead Libyan protesters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

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  •   rockinron February 27, 2011

    momar kadafi is about to have a worse day then this poor bastard. when they finallly over throw him its gonna be a blood death for him......sure hope CS gets the video!!

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  • rodeye2 February 28, 2011

    How does this shit end up on the internet shot from a cell phone and from a third world country ?

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  • theaussie February 28, 2011

    they are not Lybian. they are ex-Lybians

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  • merseybeat February 28, 2011

    they would make a lovely BURGER!

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  • muslimburgers February 28, 2011

    ^^ lol ;) the fact is these guys that are "protesting" are also killing the african mercinaries and lynching them, it goes both ways. I got mixed feelings about this situation, on one hand i hate tyrants like khadafi, and saddam, but if you remove them it leaves a power vacumm for the wahabi muslim radicals and the imams and sheiks, whos only real concern is islamic expansion and a world under shariah law. i know most of these poor protestors are just mixed up in the middle of it and dont even know what their doing, im sure this wont seem like much when the mujahideen are rolling through town like in somalia, burning every church they find and puttin up a mosque. or in turning women and children into to slaves like in the sudan, just like their false fucking prophet. i hope one day this world wises up and finaly realizes that these fuckers gotta die, we gotta wipe out their existance or their wipe out ours, the time for talking is done. there's too much at stake to ignore this shit.

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  • muslimburgers February 28, 2011

    they are a far worse threat then adolf hitler and his nazis ever were, hitler lasted less then 20 years, mohammed and his band of heathens have plagued our world for over 1400 years. the quran is nothing but a magnificent con. the devils handguide for world domination, its satans final plan to damn every human being on earth. kill off all of gods people and make the world bow to a idol, 5 times each days, if anybody can't see that they truely are blind. mohammed said the quran was told to him the angel gabriel, thats the second biggest lie in the quran, the first biggest lie is the lie when the quran says that it was written by god QURAN: Chapter 4, Verse 82: "Do they not consider (ponder) on the Quran? If it had been from anyone except Allah, they would surely have found in it much discrepency (contradictions)." well i asure you there are very many contradictions in the quran. if you truely wish to be inlightened as you muslims think then look for them. but don't foam at the mouth like your prophet when find out im right..

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  • muslimburgers February 28, 2011

    the fact that the quran says that it is the word of god and there for perfect means right there that should it be wrong just once then its entire credibility goes out the window. hell the quran says the world is flat with four corners for christ sake sounds like the work of a 6th century charlatan, just a pagan that was mad he wasn't born a jew..

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  • boknowsyourmom May 29, 2011

    more like protesticide

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