Dumb Cop Shouldn't Handle A Gun

What an idiot! First he shoots himself and another cop while trying to put away his gun. Then this moron leaves a loaded pistol lying on the ground, unattended in a room full of prisoners. Somebody shoot this dumbass again, please.

  • tearaway78 March 8, 2011

    taking one in the ass for the boys hehe

  • d90girl March 8, 2011

    Just another day @ Mayberry ..

  • cellule March 8, 2011

    I bet my left ball he can't even tell how many safety rules he ignored.

    But I'll never bet anything on his aptitude to make a choice when it comes to voting for the Presidential elections...

  • killkenny March 8, 2011

    And that's why Andy only let's Barney have one bullet.

  • bulldognuts March 8, 2011

    Hopefully his desire to shoot someone has been satisfied for awhile.

  • merseybeat March 8, 2011

    that's one way of getting traffic duty!

  • rockinron March 8, 2011

    wow if he wanted to get the meter maid job, he did the right thing to impress the boss into giving it to him.

  • spaulding March 8, 2011

    I guess none of those prisoners were lifers. If I was a lifer with access to a gun, there'd be more pig blood on the cell block floor than at a butcher shop.

  • iowaredneck March 8, 2011

    GOOD JOB PIG!!! Better than shooting an unarmed civilian like so often happens. Happend right down the steet from me.

  • dageneral March 8, 2011

    guess whos gonna be on doughnut duty for a while

  • koopa March 8, 2011

    hel be reaching for his doughnut for a while

  • wackinisgood March 8, 2011

    this happend last year adam cmon

  • wackinisgood March 8, 2011

    dumb people, smart people... handicaped people, ... people, givem all guns, and guess who will be left standin.

  • wackinisgood March 8, 2011


    i said "..."BIGTALK" people"

  • bigtalk March 8, 2011

    ^^^one mindless comment is enough

  • ohwickedwendi March 8, 2011

    Someone please tell me this is in a third world country....PLEASE???

  • damgreedyjew March 8, 2011

    squeal like a pig

  • tex101 March 9, 2011

    I bet those prisoners were scared shitless when that went off, they had their backs turned toward them, hear a gun shot and thought that they were being shot one at a time then realized that "Hey at least I can't be brought up charges for this"

  • buddman420 March 9, 2011

    now he can tell the other pigs he was shot in the line of duty.

  • merciz March 15, 2011

    premature ejaculation ?

  • blowsmoke September 6, 2011

    Who else was hoping for one of the prisoners to pick the gun up!?

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