Puking Camera Man Gets His Footage

His stomach wasn't too happy about it, but at least he got the footage he needed. I wish he would have a got a few shots of himself puking though. Or at least a closeup of his puke.

  • mostliklyurdad March 20, 2011

    lol there trying to invetigate and he leavinga cicle of vomit around them

  • thunderbutt March 20, 2011


  • graffix March 20, 2011

    That yellow shit's got some kick.

  • oicu8abullet March 20, 2011

    Mmm. I can smell it from here.

  • two-hats March 20, 2011

    The camera man's just remembered he went swimming in that pond last night.

  • killkenny March 20, 2011

    Maybe he should go into septic tank cleaning.

  • merseybeat March 20, 2011

    i no the feeling some people make me sick as well

  • azzholee March 20, 2011

    i agree with TWO HATS.

  • judasz March 20, 2011

    Yet his favorite video is "Two girls, On Cup".

  • rockinron March 20, 2011

    if that makes him puke he dont ever wanna be around when adam rips off a beer fart!!

  • atmydismay March 20, 2011

    i think hes trying to tell us something

  • 2bit March 20, 2011

    Funny shit there! sounded violent as hell.

  • larbob March 20, 2011

    i think the dead guys name is ralph.

  • two-hats March 20, 2011

    @larbob you and your sick jokes.

  • ohwickedwendi March 20, 2011

    I'm thinking this guy isn't a crazyshit member.

  • simplechaos March 20, 2011

    Sounds likes Chewbacca getting butt raped

  • mrpoop March 20, 2011

    i had the same reaction when i saw the midget porn vid

  • azmatt March 20, 2011

    What a little pussy! Its just a dead body. Then again, maybe I'm just used to them. FML

  • 420420 March 20, 2011


  • munkybitch March 20, 2011


  • mudflap March 20, 2011

    hell I could have stood there and ate an Arbys.. damn puss....

  • ghosthunter March 20, 2011

    If you have ever smelled a rotting dead body, you would understand.. I have. it is horrible..

  • wardo56 March 20, 2011

    guess he's not into black guys

  • rockinron March 20, 2011

    ghosthunter i have seen and smelled bodys fermenting and blaoting in the sun for 4 days in iraq, its all in yer head. sure it stinks but its just mind over matter.

  • mudflap March 21, 2011

    @rockinron... Did you do what we did? Throw diesel on them and light em up... Of course only when you have to lay around them for a few days and wait to make others just like them.... He he he!

  • d90girl March 21, 2011

    Mind over matter MY ASS !!!!!!!!!I had to bag many of these and I sounded just about the same as this poor cam man !!!!

    Not everyone can stomach that smell, but we none the less get the job done !!!!

  • rodeye2 March 21, 2011

    He must of been standing down wind,as for me I'm eating my dinner.

  • rockinron March 21, 2011

    mudflap we were moving to fast to do anything but smell them. there was crew that was burying them and marking the graves for later.

  • marsape March 21, 2011

    Too many movies RON, go back to your BAR STOOL and take your meds for fuck sake, the smell you mentioned is actually coming from you underwear, and the reason you think you're driving to fast to bother is some retarded kid keeps spinning you on your bar stool, remember you are just another ex military loser taking handouts from the rest of the hard working AMERICAN TAX PAYER'S, dont' be too proud mate.

  • xjugxheadx March 22, 2011

    Someone should have gave him a dead dirty sanchez

  • lactard May 12, 2011

    dude fuck yourself. maybe something important happened with his death. all you can think about is the stench. fuck you. plug your nose and tell the truth.

  • miazen November 9, 2011

    the guy pukeing makes me sicker than the dead body, im suprised everyone else did not start throwing up listening to him

  • flyboy3313 April 11, 2012

    GOOD JOB! I'm surprised he got such steady video while chuckin those cookies like he did! I think he really enjoyed that...

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