Lights Out On St. Patrick's Day

Sometimes when drinking, you really have to assess a situation and act appropriately. Is it worth taking on more than 5 guys by yourself because of a 50 cent hat you can only wear once a year without looking like an idiot? I'd say no. I'm guessing he would agree.

  • yourtacosmells March 27, 2011


  • merseybeat March 27, 2011

    that's one twHAT of a punch

  • brendanc_88 March 27, 2011

    Another Sucker punch..Dudes must be pretty unsure of their punch to wait till someone is not looking

  • invisus March 27, 2011

    Why is it "that guy" (the sucker puncher) is always some scrawny ass punk that blind sides somebody then skips off like like a queer tinkerbell talking shit as he is running away? Seriously, watch that guy skip away. Bet he likes a good corn-holing.

  • sikamikanico69 March 27, 2011

    pretty low down and dirty.

  • two-hats March 27, 2011

    Some of us are very precious about our hats you know Adam.

  • cellule March 27, 2011

    Maybe he paid more than 50 cents for that stupid hat. Forgot about the taxes??

  • tebo78 March 27, 2011

    I'm surprised he was a white punk Invisus. Usually the sucker-puncher is of African heritage, strange...

  • d90girl March 27, 2011


  • oicu8abullet March 27, 2011

    He had every right to sucker punch him. The guy swung a felt hat at him. That could have scratched his eye.

  • crkrbob March 27, 2011

    Fucking Pussies!!! Try that shit with me. Please I'd love to fuck em all up!!!!

  • rc2james March 27, 2011

    Looks like a good way to pick up chicks.

  • fuckniggers March 27, 2011

    He ended up dieing from that hit!! i knew him! guess he coudent take a hit

  • asstro March 27, 2011

    It is truly sad we live in a time when no one will step up and help a man in need. At least some women tried to help him once he was down.

  • drublix March 27, 2011

    a bunch of fucking pussies

  • graffix March 27, 2011

    He's one bad mother fucker with a bunch of friends around and hits you with a sucker punch. Everyone that circled around him should have been arrested and charged with battery and attempted manslaughter, because they all left him laying unconscious.

  • sicasso March 27, 2011

    I honestly can't belive you let a pipsqeak do that to you, why would you turn your head away even for a second knowing there was trouble brewing ? your own fault dumb azz.

  • larbob March 27, 2011

    they all should get popped for waiting in line for a drink.

  • ohwickedwendi March 27, 2011

    Dammit bitch, should have snagged his wallet--that's what I'd have done.

  • czech_it_out March 27, 2011

    they could have messed with that asshole and his hat, but they would have messed with my .40 caliber glock 27 handgun?

  • ouch March 27, 2011

    What a scum bag, sucker punches him while he is looking the other way. Come here you little bitch I will fucking scull fuck your first born

  • mcgaugh57 March 27, 2011

    punks these days are just fucking disgusting chicken shits

  • burp March 27, 2011

    Just like a fucking coward...hit the guy then run like a cock sucking bitch.

  • marsape March 27, 2011

    The Jew fuck with the clown hat made the threat, he got what all night time hat wearing fucks deserve, BRAIN DAMAGE

  • cbt23 March 27, 2011

    That hat should come with a warning..."Warning...Wearing this hat can get your ass kicked for looking like a fag"

  • rodeye2 March 28, 2011

    The hat kinda made him look queer.

  • bigtalk March 28, 2011

    so they even sucker punch there own kind at clan meetings damn no good white ppl

  • shadowchaser March 28, 2011

    RE: Asstro: Humanity has always been that way. What about the time when people braved rainstorms and searing Mediterranean sunshine to sit in an amphitheather to watch their fellow citizens eaten alive by lions and tigers? BACK ON TOPIC: I don't know why people act stupid under the influence of alcohol. Booze has the opposite effect on me. Sharpens me the fuck up and I usually end up doing the sucker-punching.

  • ghosthunter March 28, 2011

    choose your fights wisely. 3 on one is never good odds.

  • xjugxheadx March 28, 2011

    Swift to the kidney will take him up.

  • skullmonkey March 29, 2011

    LMAO @ invisus

  • bartz March 30, 2011

    where are all these people from like fuckniggers ville dude, come to cali and get fucked up!

  • fc420 March 31, 2011

    If I would have saw that shit...I would have suckered the sucker

  • yodonvito April 5, 2011

    dumb fucks. i would've pulled a gun out on them, then its all the other way around

  • cr4zy November 16, 2012

    probably that's just what he gets for wearing that hat

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