Leg Shot Courtesy Of The Bahrain Police

You can be sure that the doctors in Bahrain are staying busy. Maybe as busy as the police. But I guarantee they're not having as much fun as the police. That leg shot there was worth 5 points to someone.

  • sexstarved March 30, 2011

    he may have a bad leg,but he has got a good crotch

  • tastycake March 30, 2011

    im sure he will be eating at ihop for awhile

  • two-hats March 30, 2011

    He Kneeds some more pain killers.

  • zahnfee March 30, 2011

    come enjoy the magic carpet ride

  • marsape March 30, 2011

    They wouldn't be so busy if they sent the dead to the morgue.

  • larbob March 30, 2011

    i know him. his names lucky achmed.

  • oicu8abullet March 30, 2011

    Do they often do surgery on dirty carpets?

  • rockinron March 30, 2011

    you'll live now hop off that table and get back to the fight!!

  • ohwickedwendi March 30, 2011

    Quick, nurse,...give this man a blowjob stat!

  • mrratty March 30, 2011

    shattered knee-cap, no longing walking to the terrorists conventions

  • noint March 30, 2011

    i'm sure if you told these people freedom would cost the a arm and a leg they would not have been protesting...just goes to show you freedom is not cheap...

  • xjugxheadx March 30, 2011

    Loose, footloose

    Kick off your Sunday shoes

    Please, Louise

    Pull me offa my knees

    Jack, get back

    C'mon before we crack

    Lose your blues

    Everybody cut footloose

  • sicasso March 30, 2011

    The Blinding pain from your kneecap being shot off must be the "kill me now" kind of bad, the worst kind of pain there is when there's no pain meds to give out and bite a pencil is the best they got.

  • pacific March 30, 2011

    He won't be standing for what he believe in anymore.

  • jaden March 30, 2011

    Give it a couple weeks and he'll be featured on CS amputee porn

  • slippy March 31, 2011

    Dammit Jim, I am a doctor not a proctologist!

  • okjames April 2, 2011


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