High Plains Drifter

Here comes Joey, speeding around the curve. And there goes Joey, fucking up all the guys' motorcycles. Way to go, Joey, you fucking tool. How about next weekend you stay in the kitchen with your girl.

  • bigscary April 1, 2011


  • massiveballs April 1, 2011

    Fuck sake Joey.....whos gonna deliver my pizza now

  • mrratty April 1, 2011

    too much car, not enough driver

  • keymaster April 1, 2011

    dont normaly like my accident videos this blood free

  • graffix April 1, 2011

    I heard Chong, where is Cheech?

  • rockinron April 1, 2011

    good thing the bike was killed humanely, before that fat fuck got on it and tourtured it to death!!

  • shadowchaser April 1, 2011

    Hey, that is my favorite movie, right next to Chuck Connor's "Rifleman" series and of course, Lonesome Dove.

  • Adam H. April 1, 2011

    I never saw the movie, but the it's one of my favorite Beastie Boys songs.

  • picklehiesner April 1, 2011

    told you fuckers not to take my pic

  • hollow25 April 1, 2011

    Soon as i saw him take that first turn you can tell hes already going to be going to fast. What he gets that retard! Fucking noob had no choice but to whip it back

  • oicu8abullet April 1, 2011

    Should've just left. Those weren't real motorcycles anyway.

  • honkie365 April 1, 2011

    Now Joey gets his ass beaten...

  • rareranking April 1, 2011

    Those New GTO's are a bitch to control, They are not built for curves, Their just made to look at

  • gore-slash April 1, 2011

    too bad the fat boy in black wasnt sitting on it! it would have mae one hell of a humpty dumpty ha a great fall or roll !!

  • ohwickedwendi April 1, 2011

    He had a bad motorcycle experience when he was younger.

  • ghosthunter April 1, 2011

    No big loss,they were jap bikes!

  • immanuelkunt April 1, 2011

    So some ass sucker in a pontiac wannabe shitbox fucks up some jap bikes. Who gives a fuck?

    When some fuck wad in a nazi POS smacks into some titless bitch on a ducati, gimmie a call.

  • donkey_punch April 2, 2011

    Like that fat ass was going to ride that peice of shit Rice Rocket anyway!

  • xjugxheadx April 2, 2011

    Throw that shit in reverse and get the fuck out of there in a cloud of dust.

  • killkenny April 2, 2011

    Looks like........

  • sactownryder April 3, 2011

    fat guy on a little bike

  • shadowchaser April 4, 2011

    RE: ADAM H. Ah, I never heard the song though, but the movie is awesome. It is one of the few Westerns that didn't have the famous anachronisms that plagued the B-westerns.

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