Just A Bunch Of Dumbasses

I know it always makes people feel better about themselves to see dumb people doing dumb shit, so I found some fucking idiots and put them together for you to enjoy. Now sit back and be happy about how smart these morons make you feel.

  • stinkpalm April 6, 2011

    battle boats!

  • rockinron April 6, 2011

    wtf? how the fuck do you hit another boat going that slow in the middle of the fuckin ocean? and i love the clunk sound they added to the dumb ass on the bike eating dirt at the end!! clunk!!

  • stinkpalm April 6, 2011

    and i hope that last guy is paralyzed

  • dominican_ak47 April 6, 2011

    LMFAO at the last one.

  • massiveballs April 6, 2011

    Normal people should encourage idiots to be idiots. Without these caring and sharing individuals where would we get our donor organs from.

  • 2bit April 6, 2011

    If it wasn't for idiots there would not be Crazy Shit.

  • spaulding April 6, 2011

    Stupid people have expensive bills.

  • cunalingus April 6, 2011

    Natural Selection

  • idiot April 6, 2011

    Dumb but Hilarious...THANKS

  • boredshitless April 6, 2011

    what kind of dumb ass holds a rifle away from his shoulder? the kind that never learned how to shoot!

  • country_girrl April 6, 2011

    Instead of the bike helmet, dumbass should have worn a mouth piece..can't fix stupid.

  • boobles April 6, 2011

    Geesh - who hasn't done a trolley run? Did that on my hen-night and ended up in a bush...

  • larbob April 6, 2011

    the last one is going to give me nightmares.

  • crackerkiller April 6, 2011

    it should have sayed,just a bunch of dumb ass CRACKERS.....the last one was funny ass hell tho..

  • ohwickedwendi April 6, 2011

    Captain Crunch was driving that smaller boat.

  • sicasso April 6, 2011

    I've seen alot of dumb things in my time but bouy was that boater stupid. Hows that happen in a giagantic ocean, that one bike dude really knows how to dig for earthworms.

  • ghosthunter April 6, 2011

    The shopping carts was better than a nascar wreck!!

  • d90girl April 6, 2011

    Jackass part 9

  • bite-me71 April 7, 2011

    And the gold medal for dumbass of the year goes to the retard on the bike.

  • bleueye April 10, 2011

    look closely at the shopping cart race replay you can see that one of the spectators trows something in front of te cart lol

    MUST have been a CS user, thanks man!!

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