Don't Bring A Taser To Gun Fight

I'm sure your taser hurts, but not as much as his magnum does. Quick, get your pepper spray and subdue that bad guy.

  • sickfuck April 17, 2011

    Barney, you pulled the wrong fucking gun again, Fail, just lucky the bad guy can't shoot for shit or your dumbass would be pushing up daiseys.

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  • ghosthunter April 17, 2011

    Cops are morons!

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  • asstro April 17, 2011

    They tried to take him alive. Nothing left to do but fill his darker than average ass with lead. Would of said nigger but I don't want to get banned.

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  •   killkenny April 17, 2011

    HA! Fucking cops couldn't get out of there fast enough once lead started flying. To serve and defect.

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  •   rockinron April 17, 2011

    dumb ass's failed there training big time!!

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  • merseybeat April 17, 2011

    just goes to show the taser is not the deter-ant they think it is

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  • spaulding April 17, 2011

    How do you miss from ten feet away?

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  • doc_ock April 17, 2011

    That's because in countries where gun are outlawed, the criminals still get guns.

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  • xxranger April 17, 2011

    ok ok we are here anything wrong here BANG BANG well it is time to leave have a good day

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  • wisconsinjed April 17, 2011

    The last type said that he retreats when he is shot again but that isn't him, is it? When it says that the cop has a vest on. Lorenzo didn't have a vest on did he?

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  • ohwickedwendi April 17, 2011

    Well, Lorenzo is no Max Payne.

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  • oicu8abullet April 17, 2011

    If only every city had the L.A. SWAT team...

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  • oicu8abullet April 17, 2011

    Tasers are fine in certain situations like unarmed suspects and children but sometimes you really just need to put a 9mm through someone's eyeball.

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  • mudflap April 17, 2011

    Umm are we not allowed to say nigger now?

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  • potatoe April 17, 2011

    FAIL dumbass cop

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  • boredshitless April 17, 2011

    barbequing the bacon!

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  • manunder April 18, 2011

    I for once have to agree..... what a moron cop going into a life/death situation with a taser these guys are so afraid of hurting people that they are an embarrassment to the cops who DID NOT become cops to stop getting picked on (real cops hate them too) fuckin tools

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  • munkybitch April 18, 2011

    To everyone Judging these cops.. least they aren't pussies shooting a harmless dog out of fear.. or bashing a bunch of skinny drunk bitches for the sake of it... least these cops don't fuck up and kill innocent people or crash a shitty car... this stupid fuck had a gun.. and still they tried to preserve a life that didn't need to end... tools... Maybe.. but compared to the amount of fucked up cop fails from the U.S.. these guys do their job!

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  • lenny9651 April 18, 2011

    maybe they can use the taser to restart his heart

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  • carinya April 19, 2011

    Not sure where this was, but if the dude was in Victoria it may have been over a bit quicker.

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  • xjugxheadx April 19, 2011

    should have slung a grenade in and called it a night.

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  • blowsmoke September 10, 2011

    dammit how can I watch a good shootout with titties shaking to the right :/

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  • ferrobbra October 21, 2011

    Tazers arent for the bad guys. they use tazers to keep the sensible man in line.

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  • cr4zy November 16, 2012

    good for him

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  • cynuckm January 10, 2015

    That fucking pig is a chicken shit motherfucker.Fucking low life police brutality asshole, fuck the police. Hey guy's next time aim for his fucking head

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