Crazy Naked Racist On The Subway

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Adam H.
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OK, so this guy doesn't like Jews and niggers, and he does like getting naked in public. I bet he's got a CrazyShit account. It's funny how nobody ever wants to mess with a guy who's extra crazy. It's like the ultimate self defense.

  • keymaster May 11, 2011

    the spokesperson of tourettes sufferers of Americas first public engagements didn't go exactly according to plan

  • chupamiverga May 11, 2011

    The cop was trying to fuck him in the ass.

  • rockinron May 11, 2011

    only a niger can push a white man to this level of insanity

  • spaulding May 11, 2011

    You know you've got a big dick, when the ladies all scream when you drop your boxers.

  • massiveballs May 11, 2011

    Mel Gibson remake of the great train robbery

  • ohwickedwendi May 11, 2011

    White boy, Mel Gibson wannabe done lost his damn mind--leave it to the apes to sneak crack in the guy's coffee...

  • boredshitless May 11, 2011

    thundermug you off your meds again? we know that 6 train is east side manhattan local!

  • clrz1000 May 11, 2011

    This is the only way a upper class white guy can survive in the big cities. By adapting to his surounding's and acting like every other crazy drug induced freak.

  • qz-sue May 11, 2011

    You've gotta be pretty brave to try and take down a crazy naked man.

  • ghosthunter May 11, 2011

    PCP.. what a trip..

  • furiousmale May 11, 2011

    I gave you this video in confidence Adam. I told you I was just having a bad day.

  • xxranger May 11, 2011

    his ass would have rode the tazer

  • bugshit May 11, 2011

    Should of pushed him onto the 3rd rail & called it a day!!!

  • lenny9651 May 11, 2011

    yea i'm proud to be white, but i hate it when crazy hillbillies with 3 teeth and a third grade education decides to be the spokesman for the superiority of the white race. so shut the fuck up you stupid hick, your making the rest of us look bad

  • godbluff May 11, 2011

    He is just doing what all of us white guys want to do every day, every fuckin day, rip our clothes off...scream obscenities at the natives and get tackled and handcuffed. Good times...

  • oicu8abullet May 11, 2011

    LOL. Bath salt.

  • slippy May 11, 2011

    LOL @ Spaulding

  • orangegoblin May 11, 2011

    Nobody started screaming until he got his dick out, then everyone starts, what a doughnut!

  • orangegoblin May 11, 2011

    He could of have any kind of deadly weapon on him and nobody would have cared...soon as the wang comes out everyone freaks...

  • larbob May 11, 2011

    adam, is that you after you got the text message?

  • carinya May 11, 2011

    since 9/11.....

  • thederp May 11, 2011

    none of those pussies had the stones to fuck with him one on one.

  • d90girl May 11, 2011

    Someone needs to take there medication !!!

  • dseals73 May 11, 2011


  • anrconvert May 11, 2011

    What I would give to have that much confidence

  • effinurmom May 12, 2011

    Out of all the police brutality vids I've seen in my life.. Here was one time the cop could of beat this dudes ass, maced him, tazed him, ass rape with his night stick, and the copper fucking chokes WTF????

  • downunder69 May 12, 2011

    ah! thats what BIGTALK looks like

  • crazyportugese May 12, 2011

    its that a police officer or just someone with a carneval suite...?

  • skullmonkey May 13, 2011

    THat cop didnt do shit right until the last minute, couldnt even take down the guy. Useless prick.

  • mochalex August 30, 2011

    I'm against the use of tasers, but here's one incident where it might have been appropriate.

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