Hey Grandma, I Just Got Double Penetrated

A girl's first time getting double penetrated is a very special thing. Our little slut is so proud of herself and can't wait to let grandma know that she took two dicks in her pussy today. She'll call her up and give her the good news just as soon as she wipes all the spunk off her face.

  • boredshitless May 12, 2011

    so where's the rent since your working?

  • rockinron May 12, 2011

    well atleast now we know real sluts can be found anywhere, and not just on the street somking crack.

  • spaulding May 12, 2011

    Grandma is going to hang up the phone, shake her head and say "Amateur."

  • tripod May 12, 2011

    Even if she could take a thousand cocks at once, she still wouldn't want to waste time with a Retard

  • 2bit May 12, 2011

    I call all the relatives after I pour the coals to some bitch.

  • copenman May 12, 2011

    Grandma "Now all you have to do is to take 2 in the ass and mouth then you will be on the same page as your dear old nana" lmfao

  • oicu8abullet May 12, 2011

    Honey, Gramma invented DVDA.

  • viol8or May 12, 2011

    Um you still got a lil somethin somethin on your lips there.

  • pizzapie May 12, 2011

    Something tells me Grandma was a whore too.

  • ohwickedwendi May 12, 2011

    I'm okay as long as Jay and Adam don't show us the video of grandma calling her...

  • mcgaugh57 May 12, 2011

    i like her :)

  • thederp May 13, 2011

    i bet the family name is "the scurvy's."

  • downunder69 May 13, 2011

    my kind of grandma

  • cooleo May 17, 2011

    grandma gonna call up next time to join in!

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