Worm Eye Blues

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I didn't even know you could get a worm in your eye. Actually, I didn't even know dogs could get worms in their eyes. See crazyshit, you have taught me something new today. I'm going to get my dogs some anti-worm glasses to keep their eyes safe when they roam the streets eating garbage, and fucking bitches in heat.

  • sactownryder May 18, 2011

    Fish On!!!!

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  • revharris May 18, 2011

    I see your feeling all worm inside!!

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  • lordan May 18, 2011

    slippery little fucker or what

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  • thederp May 18, 2011

    fuck me! that's pure torture. thanks be to Jebus for doctors and veterinarians.

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  • 2indastink May 18, 2011

    that's not a worm, that's my fucking penis.

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  • two-hats May 18, 2011

    He'll be OK just feel a little "RUFF" for a few days.

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  •   rockinron May 18, 2011

    thats one dog that liked his fishing.

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  •   rockinron May 18, 2011

    he was a fishing dog, he kept his eye on the bait for his master

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  • oicu8abullet May 18, 2011

    Eye carumba!

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  • morvvik2 May 18, 2011

    MAN THAT'S WRONG!! a nigger should have it, not a poor dog man that's not cool

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  • jayecc May 18, 2011

    Maybe once just once crazyshit would put the writing down the side or at the top of the video so we could see THE FUCKING VIDEO!!!!!!!

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  • fiercepierce May 18, 2011

    ^^^jayecc^^ I agree with you, but I would say take the writing off the screen all together. Its not like there is not plenty of Crazyshit advertising all over the website.

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  • ohwickedwendi May 18, 2011

    That vet SUCKS--I coulda had that worm out in less than 30 seconds....course, the dog would've been missing an eye afterwards, but still...

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  • sillyrabbit May 18, 2011

    I started cheering him on to get it and he got it! you're welcome.

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  • d90girl May 18, 2011

    Thats a roundworm which migrated to the cornea. Roundworms life in the fecal matter and soil after a dog defecates....This can be transmitted to humans as well, I know this, as I work for a Veterinary Hospital ! PLEASE P/U your Dog shit !!

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  • d90girl May 18, 2011

    This condition...although rare, is EXTREMELY PAINFUL and can lead to full blindness !

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  • ratrod May 19, 2011

    Well, we got the worm out just fine but now there is a GIANT FUCKING AIR BUBBLE causing your dogs blindness.... That will be $700 please.

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  • killtacular May 19, 2011

    that poor fuckin' dog, man..*Shakes head*...at least they got the shit out..hope the dog's eye recovers from that shit..

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  • hater-monkey May 21, 2011

    I don't know what was more worse.

    The worm inside its eye.

    or the tweesers

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