First Ever BMX Triple Backflip

Typically, we at CrazyShit are all about showing people mess up their tricks and get really hurt while riding bikes, but today is different. Jed Mildon did the world's first triple backflip on a BMX bike, and it was bad ass. Check this shit out.

  • rockinron May 30, 2011

    been better if he woulda caught the ramp with his head!! wow what agreat video that woulda been

  • lordan May 30, 2011

    where is the fun in that i wanted to see him crash and burn at least evil ken-evil did it on a motor cycle

  • smak May 30, 2011

    fly like an eagle

  • mrratty May 30, 2011

    Kinda cool. Still wished he would've ate dirt

  • lenny9651 May 30, 2011

    YOU DA MAN!!!!

  • ohwickedwendi May 30, 2011

    That was pretty awesome....dude has some ginormic balls!

  • massiveballs May 30, 2011

    BMX = Book My X-Ray

  • spaulding May 30, 2011

    I don't think I've even got the guts to ride a bike down that tall ramp.

  • oicu8abullet May 30, 2011

    Now do it on a scooter.

  • two-hats May 30, 2011

    Would've been funny to shove a stick in his spokes just as he was about to take off.

  • drublix May 30, 2011

    It took over 200 years for someone to do a triple backflip on a bicycle?

  • rockinron May 30, 2011

    ^ ya the human race had to get stupid enough to try it. you know theres no way this dweeb didnt crashed like 200 times trying to get this right.

  • crazyportugese May 30, 2011

    ron ur goiing to the top -10 this offense...

  • d90girl May 30, 2011

    was he glued to the Bike !!?????

  • immanuelkunt May 30, 2011


  • xxranger May 30, 2011

    gratz very nice

  • rodeye2 May 30, 2011

    Oh sure anybody can do that,lets see him do it without a helmet.

  • rockinron May 30, 2011

    hey crazyportugese i got an ass munch with 3 diferent user names pissed at me and another clown . between the 2 of them they hit me with up to 4-5 minuses on every comment. what the morons dont know is the negs and pluses are not what adam and jay use to decide who gets on the top ten. so those gay wads can neg me till hell freezes over for all i care. there are alot of real good comments better then mine lately, and thats cool. i dont live to make the top ten. i just like to say funny shit about bad things.

  • thederp May 31, 2011


  • mikem1919 May 31, 2011

    "Cause there's thunder in your heart, every move is like a lightning"

  • rareranking May 31, 2011

    The funny part is Rockinron their giving you attention by reading enough to minus ya, bunch of dumbfucks at its best!

  • yomammasass May 31, 2011

    ron: I, for one, only minus people when they suck. BTW, is your last name Hoover?

  • crazyportugese May 31, 2011

    dont cry ron...a +1 just for u..

  • wackinisgood May 31, 2011

    wholy shit that was insane shit. an all u fuckers +1'n wendy just want to get in her pants, the shit she said wasnt that funny, im with ron on this one (WOW) stop fuckin with the ratings

  • wackinisgood May 31, 2011

    all u fuckers talkin bout shit other than the crazy shit ... fuck go get a room fags

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