Crane Operator Really Needs Some Vodka

This poor guy is stuck up in his crane all day and he ran out of vodka over 3 hours ago. Thankfully, his crew is here to rescue him. They pour him a shot and slide it over, to get him back on track. Now he'll be able to concentrate and construct some shit.

  • lenny9651 June 3, 2011

    you might be an alcoholic if....^^^^^

  • massiveballs June 3, 2011

    now thew fuckers on the ground are gonna have to work

  • rockinron June 3, 2011

    what the fuck? they sent you vodka but no ice those are some fucking asshole's for friends ya got there buddy!!

  • rockinron June 3, 2011

    damn space thief is back.

  • hoplite June 3, 2011

    This isn't the worst thing I've seen on the job. Was a welder for years. Worst thing I've seen someone on the job do was Meth.

  • ohwickedwendi June 3, 2011

    This would explain the architecture over there.

  • dethzombie June 3, 2011

    Russian ingenuity.

  • azzholee June 3, 2011

    you won't see those huge craines in USA, Russia is the best

  • anrconvert June 3, 2011

    vodka is cheaper than coffee or coke, who can blame them.

  • fiercepierce June 4, 2011

    Obviously the Russian OSHA Inspectors are all on the take, and over look such violations of on the job "safety policies." Russian safety policies, yeah right, what the fuck was I thinking?! Ahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha

  • ghosthunter June 4, 2011

    Russia does not have OSHA..The have VODKA!

  • d90girl June 4, 2011

    Kees everyone at work "happy" !!

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