No Need To Get All Up In Arms

There's no need for him to get all up in arms, especially since he doesn't have any arms. But he sure is pissed. I'm just impressed at how he climbed the desk with his stretch legs. This guy should have his own TV show.

  • lordan June 5, 2011

    leave him alone he means no arm even if he was a shit dishwasher all he wanted was to pick up his pay cheque

    +3 -3
  • lordan June 5, 2011

    I like the black guy by the doors just stood there laughing obviously he didn't have a hand to do with anything either

    +3 -4
  • gurtman23 June 5, 2011

    he's looking for crazyshit office hes pissed cos you lazy fucks didn't update yesterday.

    +17 -1
  • killagain June 5, 2011

    Bob Oblong got some new legs.

    +4 -1
  •   rockinron June 5, 2011

    see what happens ! no wonder this guys pissed, he cut off both fuckin arms and sent the video in and you 2 didnt even post it for him, now he cant resend it, because he has no fucking arms. real good job guys

    +4 -9
  • evilmimai6666 June 5, 2011

    why do niggers always laff when other peoples shit gets destroyed.but when it happens to them they wanna fucking shoot someone. you nigggers are pussies

    +20 -1
  • d90girl June 5, 2011

    I guess he didn't like that Dolphin tattoo !!

    +3 -2
  • donkey_punch June 5, 2011

    It all started out as a Hold Up but turned into an Armed Robbery.

    +0 -0
  • nastyfucker June 5, 2011

    Why is it that almost every video I watch has some fucking nigger in it bobbin and weavin his head like its some kind of fucking contest? Am I missing something?

    +3 -2
  • ohwickedwendi June 5, 2011

    Maybe he should tattoo a coupla dolphins to his stumps as well...dolphins a happy creatures.

    +1 -1
  • crazyportugese June 5, 2011

    his pissed because he cant steal anything,,,

    +1 -0
  • edrich June 5, 2011

    he's armless

    +1 -0
  • bigtalk June 5, 2011

    mental note:buy chain for my pet white boy

    +1 -11
  • spaulding June 5, 2011

    ^ Note to big talk: I'd have to unchain your from your cage first. Be good and I'll slip you some waddymelon through the bars.

    +10 -1
  •   ouch June 5, 2011

    fuck off stumpy

    +0 -0
  • danalan666 June 5, 2011

    When your mother told you to be disarming that's not what she had in mind

    +2 -0
  • thederp June 5, 2011

    REMAIN CALM!!! the gentleman is unarmed.

    +1 -0
  • hoplite June 5, 2011

    Dude... give it a break.

    +0 -0
  • ghosthunter June 5, 2011

    I would have loved to have seen him get TAZED!!!

    +0 -0
  • jtaylor June 6, 2011

    The little fucker needs to be arrested!! But how are they gonna cuff him and put him in the car??

    +0 -0
  • hoplite June 6, 2011

    ^ OMG. Watching him flop around on the floor like a fish. Lolz

    +0 -0
  • titsorgtf0 June 6, 2011

    Good ol uncle string bean done got off his meds again

    +0 -0
  • rodeye2 June 6, 2011

    We will pay you to try our new drug,may cause side affects.

    +0 -0
  • killtacular June 6, 2011

    The cops arrive. "Sir! Put your hands where we can see'em!"

    Armless dude: "Oh, you think you're real fuckin' funny, don'tcha, motherfucker?!"

    Also, it takes a real big man (read pussy) to kick an unarmed man in the ass from behind when he's already walkin' out.

    +1 -0
  • honkie365 June 6, 2011

    I don't think the guy is totally armless. He is of the correct age to be a victim of Thalidomide, which was given to mothers in the 50's for morning sickness. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of babies being born with no arms or short flippers for arms.

    Nice shot of the street apes acting black..nothing new there..was that bigtalk??

    +2 -0
  • xxranger June 6, 2011

    lil flipper is pissed off again and how the hell does he wipe his ass wait wait i think i found bigtalk a new job insted of welfair

    +2 -0
  • tapeworm June 6, 2011

    someone should have given him a hand.

    +0 -0
  • fingers June 6, 2011

    handcuff him

    +0 -0
  • ohwickedwendi June 6, 2011

    @spaulding--what're you talking about? Isn't bigtalk still in the trees?

    +1 -0
  • lordsho June 7, 2011

    I love how somehow these shit kicking rednecks in here somehow manage to turn a video of a white dude destroying a store around and demonize the blacks in the background filming it.

    +2 -0
  •   happyjack June 8, 2011

    Now that's a primate. What the hell was that a little cracker monkey?

    +0 -0
  • crum8l3 June 9, 2011

    Holy shit he is a no armed Ninja you see how he got on tha counter.

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