Jail Break Fail

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Adam H.
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His great escape attempt didn't quite work out how he planned. Officer Big Boy put the smack down and subdued his ass with a good old fashioned rape choke. Everybody sure is excited to fuck this guy up now. I hope you enjoy your stay, asshole.

  • 2indastink June 8, 2011

    Jails are the same as zoos, he should feel quite at home along side his fellow primates.

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  • tapeworm June 8, 2011

    officer fueled by donuts n coffee will always kick your ass in a one on one.

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  • lordan June 8, 2011

    He is Black in custody

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  • clrz1000 June 8, 2011

    YUP, You can take the nigger out of the jungle but you can't keep them out of jail!

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  • two-hats June 8, 2011

    Never get between an pig and his doughnuts.

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  • sleeko June 8, 2011

    Yep! The jig is up, now.

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  • jimintn June 8, 2011

    Had they not been in back eating donuts, response time would have been quicker.

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  • kissarmy12 June 8, 2011

    lol I was wondering why it took so long for their asses to show up...spook got what he deserved tho

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  • spaulding June 8, 2011

    Yeah choke him Porky. A blee a blee a blee that's all folks.

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  • larbob June 8, 2011

    no one answered his call for 'help', until he yelled that the 'krispy kreams are here'.

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  • rockinron June 8, 2011

    yah!! choke that nigger like the prison bitch he's gonna be next week!!

    +6 -1
  • rockinron June 8, 2011

    i said it before and i'll say it again, sure wish my grand pappy woulda picked his own damn cotton.

    +8 -1
  • hoplite June 8, 2011

    Damn, he lost.

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  • buzzhawg June 8, 2011

    He heard the car outside going "run nigga nigga nigga...run nigga nigga."

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  • lenny9651 June 8, 2011

    good thing there's video of this, you know the story he's telling his lawyer is the cops beat his ass and he was just minding his own business

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  • oicu8abullet June 8, 2011

    The cop's wife is cheating on him, his kids won't talk to him and his house is in foreclosure. DO NOT fuck with him.

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  • ohwickedwendi June 8, 2011

    Homeboy wasn't trying to run...he was trying to get at the fried chicken and grape drank behind the desk.

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  • shinebox June 8, 2011

    He didn’t recognise Steven seagal without his wig

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  • tripod June 8, 2011

    Now Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barry Obama are gonna be pissing and moaning about abusive cops acting stupidly...

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  • tat2d_soldier June 8, 2011

    gives all new meaning by spankin ur monkey

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  • pizzapie June 8, 2011

    Do you know what time it is boy?? It's knuckle time

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  • dickher June 8, 2011

    OK NIGGER, here's the plan; I take off the cuffs, we start to brawl, then when all the other officers come out of the coffee room and start to beat your black ass ill sneak in and eat all the donuts those bastards are eating without me.......don't worry ill make sure you'll be out free by morning......AND GO!!!

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  • honkie365 June 8, 2011

    In a one on one fight..the spooks not tough, even against an old man.

    Now he's face down on the dirty floor, just like he was birfed.

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  • cunalingus June 8, 2011

    That Fat Fuck Cop is lucky his heart didnt give out under the strain!!! If that little Nigger was built like Ving Rhames that cop would have been fucked. And the next few cops that came in after! LOL :-)

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  • cunalingus June 8, 2011

    I love the police. But FUCK ALL YOU FAT COP PIGS!!!

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  • d90girl June 8, 2011

    WoW....KFC did have a sale on the 12 piece bucket...that explains everything, your Honor !

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  • happycamper30 June 8, 2011

    okay caffie brake is over ......hello .......h...e...l...p...

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  • fiercepierce June 9, 2011

    Your honor, seven officers, and I escorted the plaintiff down the stairwell. It is only eight small steps, but his head bounced very hard down all eight steps. My fellow officers can and will collaborate my story.

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  • dopesmoker June 9, 2011

    You know, I give the cops a lot of shit on this and many other sites, but that guy deserved everything he got. How stupid do you have to be?

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  • evilmimai6666 June 9, 2011

    did you see the fat cop bitchin at the end. where were you guys...he had me cornered and was touching my pee pee. wtf guys didnt you hear me screaming like a girl!!...i QUIT!!


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  • crum8l3 June 9, 2011

    Fat boy put in work. How fucking stupid do you have to be. Wide open door right behind you and you go for the fat white cop. haha Silly nig!!! You got beat by John Candy...

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  • liberalssuck June 9, 2011

    Seriously most niggers should be executed.

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  • fingers June 9, 2011

    what the fuck do you mean most?

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  • goodbye June 9, 2011

    Once again all you Racist fuck's come out of the woodwork, all you see is colour.

    It's just one man attacking another man, whites do this shit everyday also?

    If anything shows stupidity it is the big fat white cunt for trusting a criminal in the first place, he might have endangered someone else with his stupid ignorance.

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  • jctbay June 9, 2011

    was that Gary Coleman in uniform?

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  • carinya June 9, 2011

    Took lard ass a while to get his breath back after that.

    @ loonman, I'd say he fell 20 times. A dude shot a cop here in Australia a week back , used a shotgun.When they found the guy the next day, brought him in with 4 broken ribs and lots of dog bites. Unfortunate that they couldn't get the dog off earlier, apparently.

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  • island_mon June 10, 2011

    One for the po po...

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  • ozkartz207 June 13, 2011

    i almost got away with it!

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