Zahia Dehar Is The Bionic Fuck Doll

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Adam H.
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These guys had the right idea of making a hot ass, bionic fuck doll that can dance like a stripper and serve you dinner, but clearly they made some idiotic mistakes. There's no need for her to be smart or strong. When has that ever done a man any good?

  • 2indastink June 14, 2011

    That there is my ideal latex lady.

  • killkenny June 14, 2011

    Strong enough to chop your wood. Your firewood too.

  • chupamiverga June 14, 2011

    this new video format sux ass. it keeps freezing up on me. I have comcast one of the fastest ISP's. I just checked my speed and its 12Mbps download and 8Mbps upload. thats actually slow for this time of day but still. on average I get 20Mbps dL and 16Mbps UL.

  • spaulding June 14, 2011

    I could still rape her against her will.

  • hoplite June 14, 2011

    If I had one of those you'd never have to hear from me again

  • larbob June 14, 2011

    she forgot to make them a sammich before she left.

  • mutefruit June 14, 2011

    soo.. she escaped to be a street walker? goes to show you can put a program into a ho but you cant take the Ho out of the program..

  • godbluff June 14, 2011


  • rockinron June 14, 2011

    id worry she would run off with the fuckin microwave or something.

  • boredshitless June 14, 2011

    too fake for me, if your gonna build one like that it needs more ass!

  • sscars June 14, 2011

    briliant short. /she put that butt plug in the wrong hole.

  • nastyfucker June 14, 2011

    I would eat a mile worth of her shit just to kiss the hole it came from.

  • ohwickedwendi June 14, 2011

    It was better than Transformers.

  • fingers June 14, 2011

    they got one thing right, she doesn't talk

  • fingers June 14, 2011

    godbluff is a genious

  • bigtalk June 14, 2011

    white guys are trying to make a white girl that wont cheat on them with a brotha lol good luck dumb woods

  • Jay D. June 15, 2011

    @chupamiverga can you email me with what browser you are using?

  • fiercepierce June 15, 2011

    She dances real nice but can she make sammich?

  • lieutenantdan June 15, 2011

    She waddles like a duck. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!

  • effinurmom June 15, 2011

    Don't worry she will run out of battery power soon, then you can find her!!

    @Bigjoke, I'd like to wash your mouth out, with buck shot, dumb ground ape!!

  • downunder69 June 15, 2011


  • xxranger June 15, 2011

    I want one

  • ghosthunter June 15, 2011

    I thought this was a britney spears video at first...

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