Bad Ass Wheelie Boat?

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I'm not sure if I can call this bad ass or not. It is a boat doing a wheelie, that is for sure, but bad ass I don't know. I didn't hear any "hey yall, watch this!" I sure as shit didn't see any cans of beer in the guy's hands. I'm going to say that it is a pretty cool wheelie boat. Unless of course he lands on the dock, then it's a bad ass wheelie boat!

  • lenny9651 June 18, 2011

    about as useful as the mexicans and their hopping cars,both serve no practical purpose

  • vikingshill June 18, 2011

    It's more impressive when drag cars do it.

  • sactownryder June 18, 2011

    Some guys will do anything to get pussy.

  • in_ur_skin June 18, 2011

    that ain't bad ass, hell i can jerk off with out looking at porn... now that's bad ass.

  • tat2d_soldier June 18, 2011

    well theres the motorboat. So wheres the tits?

  • lenny9651 June 18, 2011

    driver has e.d. and is over compensating

  • pizzapie June 18, 2011

    hey where did my beer go?

  • invisus June 18, 2011

    Thats what you get when you have a redneck near water with too much time on his hands...

  • rockinron June 18, 2011

    my dick does this everytime i motor boat tittys.

  • larbob June 18, 2011

    after a while everyone on shore got bored. the one dude is asking for jumper cables.

  • sicasso June 18, 2011

    Now there's a guy with time on his hands to figure that one out.

  • boredshitless June 18, 2011

    that is a new breed... amphibious redneck.

  • ohwickedwendi June 18, 2011

    I'd be more impressed if he could do that going up the ramp.

  • thederp June 18, 2011

    all it needs is a big, loud sound system bumping and booming some really bad rap music, and maybe then, i might really be pissed off for watching this pointless bullshit.

  • boofano June 18, 2011

    just drive that fucking thing...for fuck sake ...

  • downunder69 June 19, 2011

    the transom will snap eventually and the next vid we will see will be called....... " MAN GETS CHOP SUEYED AND DOWNUNDER69 CALLED IT"......... captain obviuos strikes again!!

  • rodeye2 June 19, 2011

    Big deal my dick can do the same thing.

  • wackinisgood June 19, 2011

    cowboy ride

  • mrbigglesworth June 20, 2011

    Yeah, next to the docks is probably the best place to do that...

  • gofkurself June 26, 2011

    600 hp in a kayak.... wow great retards.

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