Ryan Dunn Is A Dead Jackass

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Adam H.
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I'm surprised it took this long for one of the Jackass crew to kick the bucket. Apparently drinking and driving your Porsche 911 isn't as good an idea as a port-o-potty bungee jump. Here's a nice picture Ryan Dunn posted on Twitter of him drinking with friends hours before he drove into the woods and burned up. Who do you think will be next? I hope it's not Wee Man.

  • joseffritz June 21, 2011

    anyone who kills someone else while drink driving deserves to die

  • hammerdown June 21, 2011

    bet the autopsy was fun

  • keymaster June 21, 2011

    looks like Ryans Dunn

  • hater-monkey June 21, 2011

    This isn't even crazy shit worthy.

  • lenny9651 June 21, 2011

    if your gonna be dumb you better be tough,(johnny knoxville)

  • ridinloud June 21, 2011

    Yeah its worthy of crazy shit, he was one of the best on jackass a tv series and dvds totally based on crazy shit. A legend of the crazy shit world died in a crazy shit manner over a guard rail into a tree and into flames, if thats not worthy of crazy shit, IDK what is. May the crazyshit legend RIP

  • tastycake June 21, 2011

    My guess will be Preston's fat fuckin double ass.

  • judasz June 21, 2011

    And Remember Kids, DON'T try this at Home. These are trained Professional Idiots on a closed coarse.

  • sactownryder June 21, 2011

    I stopped drinking and driving when my best friend died in a dui... Dont drink and drive

  • jokerhannes June 21, 2011

    well latest news aint the strong side of crazyshit :D photos-g.ak.fbcdn/hphotos-ak-ash4/260015_101502933 60243714_576328713_9285746_1539132_n.jpg

  • format187 June 21, 2011


  • danalan666 June 21, 2011

    Q; did he died?

    A: he Dunn did

  • bigtalk June 21, 2011

    a dead white boy is a good white boy

  • drublix June 21, 2011

    Hi I'm Ryan Dunn, and this is the 110mph Drunken Porsche Inferno

  • viol8or June 21, 2011

    R.I.P. Dunn, thanks for the crazy ass shit you've entertained me with over the years. You will be missed.

  • oicu8abullet June 21, 2011

    One down....

  • zahnfee June 21, 2011

    That´s not crazy shit. That´s bad shit...

  • rockinron June 21, 2011

    "ya johnny? ya man im on my way home from the bar and i got this great idea for an opener for jackass 4!! hold on a second im gonna give it a try to see if it looks cool.......

  • boredshitless June 21, 2011

    damn nothing left of the car... a hit that hard, he was dead before he cooked.

  • thederp June 21, 2011

    and steeve-o's still alive? i would have thought that he would have been the first to go. hmm? go figure. at least dunn was courteous enough to not have struck a family van full of kids. thnx ;)

  • ohwickedwendi June 21, 2011

    Jesus Christ is probably up there muttering his own name right now.

  • izzy_phukdup June 21, 2011

    It's a Sad thing.. I live near him and kinda know him from seeing him around town.. just the other week I was sitting next to him in a bar in Lionville having a beer with him... Totally Shocked that he's Dead!.. RIP Ryan!

  • d90girl June 21, 2011

    More Money than cents.....go figure ! At least they didn't wipe out some poor Innocent family..

  • prick June 21, 2011

    He fucking cooked in that wreck...one might even go so far as to say he was well-dunn!

  • sscars June 22, 2011

    darwinism at work

  • dopesmoker June 22, 2011

    As awful as it was, the music with the video did make me giggle like a little girl for a bit.

  • evilmimai6666 June 22, 2011


  • boppalilbit June 22, 2011

    Im hours late on commenting and not one person called this guy a JACKASS??? wtf

  • crazyshitr June 22, 2011

    O.K., I'll do it. The guy was a JACKASS. But a great one!

  • snapshot June 22, 2011

    u guys talk about dumb black people this goes to show u we all have problems in each other's race crack alcohol weed cocaine see u get it ;)

  • pep June 22, 2011

    Ryan Dunn goofed

  • sicasso June 22, 2011

    Thats what big money and a bad attitude will get ya, rip dunn.

  • yomammasass June 22, 2011

    Live like a jackass, die like a jackass. Passenger deserved to die for choosing to ride with a drunk jackass. Damn shame about the Porsche, tho...

  • immanuelkunt June 22, 2011

    d90girl, do you have a black dildo?

  • rareranking June 23, 2011

    Whats the difference between a freshly dead white boy and a burnt white boy theloonman? You can tell its not a wet dog!

  • rareranking June 23, 2011

    Every one needs to stop with the racial shit, but seems like white people cant every time theirs a black person so i guess i need to start rippen some asses on here!

  • slippy June 23, 2011

    "And we die young"....~Alice & Chains

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