Just A Few Motorcycle Accidents

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Adam H.
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Motorcycles are fast, fun, and just plain kick ass, but they make a great target for drivers with their heads up their asses. And sometimes riders are just plain idiots. Fortunately, both of these scenarios add up to entertainment for us.

  • dazzza July 4, 2011

    Note to self buy a air bag... oh wait

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  • el_patron July 4, 2011

    Good thing they invented helmets

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  • lenny9651 July 4, 2011

    i love how car makers give us airbags, sensors,crumple zones and three point seatbelts to keep us safe in accidents. and bikers just put on a helmet(sometimes) and hope for the best.

    they take the risk and then bitch about the people in cars that hit them.when will they realize that there are only two kinds of bikers, those that have been in accidents and those that will be. if you are really worried about other drivers stupidity then buy a car

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  •   rockinron July 4, 2011

    organ donors doing what they do best.

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  • lenny9651 July 4, 2011

    ^^^the point is if your going to gamble with your health and life then don't cry when you lose

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  • 2indastink July 4, 2011

    Is it legal to eat human roadkill ? Who gives a fuck.

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  • ohwickedwendi July 4, 2011

    ^The real question, 2indastink, is: is it legal to RAPE human roadkill?^

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  • thederp July 4, 2011

    @el patron it's a good thing they invented stupid people.

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  • downunder69 July 5, 2011

    @lenny.... doesnt matter, car or bike ,truck or bus, its the fukwit behind the machine.

    in any accident u roll the dice , some bikers slide off a bike at 200 k,s an hour and walk away.. and your doing 40km an hour down the street in your car and the fuking evil bus hits u crushing u like a worm.... its the roll of the dice and thats all u can argue with

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  • harleybitch July 5, 2011

    wrecking sux......take it from me

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  • bite-me71 July 6, 2011

    You can be riding a the loudest bike around and the stupid fucks still would say that they did not see you. Take it from me i had a few close calls.

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  • thisguyhere July 24, 2011

    why was the firstguy not wearing pants?

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