I've Got A Train To Catch

This train looks like it would be fun as hell to ride. It whips around corners, almost hits people, and even derails. There's not a whole lot more you can ask for from a train ride. Maybe a hot meal, but you'd probably just spill that shit anyway.

  • rockinron July 6, 2011

    she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes!! she'll be coming around......

  • vikingshill July 6, 2011

    Doc, have we hit 88 mph yet?

  • larbob July 6, 2011

    ...high on cocaine

  • lenny9651 July 6, 2011

    ...casey jones you better watch your speed

  • boredshitless July 6, 2011

    wow them stupid towel jockeys dont know what brakes are... send them all to my shop, i'll make sure their brakes never work again! and charge em double labor for it!

  • killkenny July 6, 2011

    De train boss! De traaiin!

  • ohwickedwendi July 6, 2011

    I'm impressed--this isn't the usual type of train Adam likes to post.

  • thederp July 6, 2011

    it reminds me of that simpson episode when homer changed his name to 'max powers.'

    homer: there's the right way, the wrong way, and the max powers way!

    bart: yeah, but isn't that the wrong way?

    homer: yes, but faster!


  • honkie365 July 6, 2011

    Never let a black person drive a train.

  • fiercepierce July 7, 2011

    That video sucked, No one got hit by the train.

  • downunder69 July 7, 2011

    denzel washington is keen to do another dumb fuk,n train movie

  • boofano July 7, 2011


  • anrconvert July 7, 2011

    You saw the evil bus, now the evil train!

  • zahnfee July 7, 2011

    I love Croatia ;)

  • littletalk July 10, 2011

    lol i love the last guy on the tracks walking up trying to be all cool till he realises its right fuckin behind him

  • blowsmoke September 6, 2011

    MAN that thing was going fast XD

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