Elk Gets Double Teamed By Cars

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Adam H.
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The real question here is, who gets to take the elk home and eat him? Car one or car two? Car one is responsible for the incident and should probably get first dibs, but car two came in with the death blow and finished things nicely. A game of paper, rock, scissors can decide.

  • mrratty July 15, 2011

    car meat elk, elk meat death.

  • etdaddy July 15, 2011

    roadkill, the new white meat

  • tgarner July 15, 2011


  • jaton July 15, 2011

    One moment, the elk was alive. The next... VAMOOSE!

  • spaulding July 15, 2011

    Nice fucking combo! Chinese driver's couldn't even have pulled that off, and they aim for pedestrians.

  • hatemail July 15, 2011


  • crackerkiller July 15, 2011

    i bet some CRACKER is going to pick it up and eat it

  • iowaredneck July 15, 2011


  • oicu8abullet July 15, 2011

    That's right crackerkiller. And they probably won't even deep fry it or drown it in hot sauce. Fucking savages.

  • onlywhitefolks July 15, 2011

    hell yeah, one hit one kill. the game warden cant do anything about it, i cant make some sausages and deep fry the livers. make some gumbo with some hog. take the steaks and glase them with some hot sauce. thats some good eatinng right there i tell you

  • boknowsyourmom July 15, 2011

    ive herd of hitting 2 birds with one stone but this is fucking ridiculous.

  • invisus July 15, 2011

    Now that is some fast food...

  • jackhammer08 July 15, 2011

    thats right crackerkiller. we would pick it up and butcher that bitch, sorry we cant afford to feed our families, cuz affirmative blacktion caused us to be laid off due to "diversity hires" and when we ARE EARNING our pay checks, they tax the fuck out of them so you can get your welfare benefits for your attorney costs and child support......

  • cock-snot July 15, 2011

    Dam it, that made my dick hurt.

  • fiercepierce July 15, 2011

    ^^crackerkiller^^ In the state I live in, you pay the County Sheriff $5.00 and take it home. I have picked up six deers that I watched get hit by cars. Each one of them filled my freezer full of meat, just like when I go bear, boar, deer, or elk hunting. You niggers wouldn't know about that because you are too scared to go out into the woods.

  • makemebad July 15, 2011

    haha now thats fuckin awsome shit.. well to watch, to have to get that fixed is prob a bitch

  • sicasso July 15, 2011

    It's a fake video but semi nicly done and took some work to create, whoever did this has some talent and might make it in the film industry.

  • rockinron July 15, 2011

    i see sicasso lives in the big city and never saw a small elk hit or a deer hit by a car.

  • rockinron July 15, 2011

    hey crackerkiller i bet you never realised meat comes from animals not the grocery store or the welfare line.

  • -morph- July 15, 2011

    Fuck crack troller

  • ohwickedwendi July 15, 2011

    Rule #2: Double Tap

  • bigrobfatal July 15, 2011

    Jethro, Paw, Elie Mae, we got roadkill pie for dinner!

  • bigtalk July 15, 2011

    at least that poor white trash family doesnt have to dig threw the dumpster today

  • downunder69 July 15, 2011

    car-ma,s a bitch , and so is bigtalk

  • rockinron July 16, 2011

    lucky for you aye bigtalk , no competion at the dumpster tonight

  • kishoph July 16, 2011

    Cloudy with a chance of elk.

  • wickedmule July 16, 2011

    New way to tenderize elk meat.

  • nh3kid July 16, 2011

    Theres 1200 lbs of elk jerky

  • jackhammer08 July 16, 2011

    big talk and crackerkiller shanked the "white trash" taking the thing and stole their wallets....after raping the women of course. JUST FOR THE RECORD, ill take road kill over food stamps anyday.....

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