Use A Flamethrower Like A Man

This Russian is fed up with guys acting like little bitches in movies, and not knowing how to handle their weapons. He's here to show us how a real man uses a flamethrower. I expect that thing is fueled by vodka. I'm hungry for bacon now.

  • jaton July 15, 2011

    *NEWS FLASH* There's a man going round, killing black people with a flamethrower........ Police have named the suspect "Arnold Scorch-a-Nigger"

  • mikem1919 July 15, 2011

    @jaton...fucking brilliant!!!

  • i_s_p July 15, 2011

    Smells Delicious only term never used in video games so far..

  • spaulding July 15, 2011

    That dude cracks me up.

  • vikingshill July 15, 2011

    His flamethrower was dripping like it had a venereal disease.

  • etdaddy July 15, 2011

    the beech is bad asseded

  • white-n-proud July 15, 2011

    Yup...He's a big flamer!

  • oicu8abullet July 15, 2011

    I was looking for something to call this guy pussy over but when he took a huge bite of flame thrower cooked pig at the end he won. He's manlier than a laboratory made, genetic cross of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris born with 5 dicks.

  • dustman July 15, 2011

    FPSRussia is the shit. post more of his vids. he's a major badass. his Mortar fail tho, is not good.

  • fiercepierce July 15, 2011

    ^^jaton^^ See if you can find him and bring him to this country. Bigtalk where do you live?

  • petekelly July 15, 2011

    A real badass would point it straight up.

  • nastyfucker July 15, 2011


  • bigtalk July 15, 2011

    1600 pennsylvania ave.NW washington dc 20500 google earth, map it you might see me on my lawn flipping you whites boys off if you see the light on come on in im home

  • ohwickedwendi July 15, 2011

    I wanna have that man's bad ass babies.

  • rockinron July 15, 2011

    you are not white enough to be the nigger on the trigger in dc!1 that boy is half zebra !!

  • thederp July 15, 2011

    get him, boris!

  • effinurmom July 16, 2011

    You stupid nigger, you don't live in the white house. On the other hand your cousin Osama does though.

  • jctbay July 16, 2011

    This guy is great! See a bunch of his vids He lives in the U.S and many think he's just faking the Russian accent. either way, he puts on a good show.

  • honkie365 July 17, 2011

    bigtalk..I think you would be an improvement over the mulatto asshole in the white house.

  • mothaflaka May 13, 2013

    Stand in front of the flames.

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