This Week On Get Over Here...

Subzero and Scorpion are about the wackiest roommates out there. I love watching my favorite sitcom, Get Over Here, to see what these guys will get into next. I always new Subzero was a player.

  • azzholee July 26, 2011


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  • talent July 26, 2011

    lol is all i can say thats awsome

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  • judasz July 26, 2011

    Damn Scorp, That was just Gay!

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  • hatemail July 26, 2011

    Is This on upn I can't find it in the TV guide

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  •   rockinron July 26, 2011

    produced and directed on location in some lame fucks moms basement.

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  • atmydismay July 26, 2011

    I bet there's a lot of skull fucking in mortal combat. so its perrect addition to crazyshit

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  • ohwickedwendi July 26, 2011

    It's better than some of the programing on t.v. these days....

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  • boredshitless July 26, 2011

    fucking hell im getting old! i played the very first mortal combat game on the old super nintendo, when i was 20! i bought it for myself on my birthday! those days were good! delivering pizza to naked chicks on the UNC campus, now my balls closest neighbor isn't my asshole, they moved down the street to my knees!

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  • mccracken July 26, 2011

    ^^ agreed...I used to play this on the genesis system. But my balls are still tight like a tiger.

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  • thederp July 27, 2011

    since seinfeld was cancelled there was a gap left in my weekly sitcom watching routine. now that gap has been filled. "GET OVER HERE!"

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  • fiercepierce July 27, 2011

    Holy fuck, I am glad I gave up T.V. for the internet, shows like this suck goat cocks.

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  • mudflap July 27, 2011

    boys are we running out of material?

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  • ghosthunter July 28, 2011

    just as stupid as opie and anthony.

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