You Ain't Gonna Make Me Catch A Case

It's hard to hear exactly what's going on with that annoying ass TV show on, but I think homeboy was either dealing or using in Big Man's barber shop. I have a feeling it won't be happening again. I wish there was someway we could get him to keep order in the peanut gallery.

  • killkenny July 27, 2011

    In front of the kid???? So that behavior is learned? I thought it was genetic.

  • badastronaut July 27, 2011

    hey film this so this fuck knows I'm serious.... I ain't going back! Oh and keep little Tyflome by you so he doesn't get hurt.

  • dazzza July 27, 2011

    Bigtalk finally got shut the fuckupped..

  • tgarner July 27, 2011

    Now that was an ass beatn'

  • professorshit July 27, 2011

    So much better than the tyler perry movies, thank you Gnarles Barkley

  • gurtman23 July 27, 2011

    i heard him say "get your ass across the street and buy the mother fucking fried chicken"

  • iluvkitty July 27, 2011

    Can someone please press the NAP button....Nigger Audio Program. Bigtalk, you are the closest to the remote. Thx.

  • bigtalk July 27, 2011

    dont sell that shit here you get the boot and im kicking you out too

  • wackinisgood July 27, 2011

    habadabeeb habeebbab you fucked up ... i think was the just of the conversation

  • wackinisgood July 27, 2011

    shit it wasnt bigtalk hes still talkin

  • rockinron July 27, 2011

    sure glad no white folks got hurt during the making of this film, fortunately only a black guy was seriously injured

  • lenny9651 July 27, 2011

    he always knew drugs would make him end up in the emergency room, he just didn't think it would be like this

  • evilili76 July 27, 2011

    that was pretty rough for a homosexual barber...

  • thederp July 27, 2011

    NIGGA, we kut hair hair, we ain't be shaving coke. take dat buhsheet to the corner, muhfuckah... niggaz ain't be tryin' to catch a case noways... NIGGA!

  • tat2d_soldier July 27, 2011

    nothing better than black on black crime..

  • hatemail July 27, 2011

    Next time you better have all my money for this haircut fool and a tip you little bitch

  • ohwickedwendi July 27, 2011

    Somebody was wearing their motherfuckin ball shorts that day.

  • byteblock July 27, 2011

    another example of black people being their own worst enemy. black people account for a very small fraction of the USA population yet black on black violence is very common. Statistically black men on average live longer when in prison than when they are free in society. How black people are treated in society by white America is the least of their problems. Why won't Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson talk about this stuff?

  • atmydismay July 27, 2011

    Since when can a brotha In the ghetto finacially obtain a phone with video recording capabilites?!

  • morvikk2 July 27, 2011

    yep... ther are SO NOT like monkeys...

  • heywodjablowmi July 28, 2011

    do ya think he understood that time ???

  • kdiddy001 July 28, 2011

    next time tyrone is talking maybe you should listen or not be sitting down. for real tho he got fucked up and drug out of the store DAMN

  • littletalk July 28, 2011

    Barbershop 3 coming soon to a theater near you.

  • honkie365 July 28, 2011

    A credit to their race.

  • evilmimai6666 July 28, 2011



  • evilmimai6666 July 28, 2011


  • ghosthunter July 28, 2011

    uncaged apes on the loose.

  • immanuelkunt July 28, 2011

    Gorillas in the mist.

  • u_mad_bro July 28, 2011

    save over his pokemon game again and watch him get real mad

  • carinya July 28, 2011

    Next time we get one of these, can we get subtitles please? The story line is lost in all the, shall we say language.

  • rodeye2 July 29, 2011

    Hahahaha,he called him a

  • cheetochop August 15, 2011

    was that a fucken chainsaw at the end?

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