how To successfully run from the cops

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This guy is not only a pro at doing wheelies in circles for a crowd of people, he is also a great magician as well. When the cops show up, he just disappears, poof! Bonus for the cop, he didn't even bother to chase him, he was like fuck it, I'm just going to act like that never happened. I was kinda waiting for the motorcycle guy to make a victory lap by to tease the cops.

  •   rockinron July 30, 2011

    "that is the greatest thing i ever seen!" wow what a pathetic life. i see more excitment then that on main street on monday every week where i live.

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  • sscars July 30, 2011

    if you can 180 in a one lane or two lane you can do it every time. unless they get your plate

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  • thederp July 30, 2011

    how do you spell 'BADASS'?

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  • spaulding July 30, 2011

    I thought he'd turn around and tease the cops that they couldn't catch him hahaha

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  • ohwickedwendi July 30, 2011

    Hey--that looks like the shit that happens in MY town...except usually you see 5 policemen surrounding a purse by a dumpster with guns drawn.

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  • lenny9651 July 30, 2011

    if you dont catch his before he hits the gas your not going to

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  • sleeko July 30, 2011

    Not in California... There, the cops arrest the spectators, too.

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  • d90girl July 30, 2011

    Description of the bike and rider...check

    General location and direction he's headed....check

    One Call to ALL UNITS in that direction about this idiot ....check


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  • stevenh915 July 30, 2011

    look at me ! look at me! im an idiot!

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  • anomalous July 30, 2011

    @'re right, but the cops also know they can't outrun a real rider!

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  • boredshitless July 30, 2011

    all the cop needed was the tag # and im sure he got it when he pulled up and he was riding a wheelie in his favorite shape, the doughnut!

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  • cock-snot July 30, 2011


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  • fiercepierce July 30, 2011

    ^^sleeko^^Where in California do they arrest the spectators? I want to be a multi-millionaire.

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  • mrbigglesworth July 31, 2011

    Pretty cool, but we'll be seeing the video of him being scraped off the road soon.

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  • whatthedeuce August 1, 2011

    Dispatch...We got a fuck it.

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  • ghosthunter August 1, 2011

    Cops will just scoop up his remains after he wrecks.

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