Please Turn That Shitty Music Off

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Adam H.
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I think in a way, because of that shitty music blasting in the car, they kind of deserved to rollover. It's God's way of saying, "Turn that shit off!" And then everything was good. What the fuck! How did that bullshit come back on?

  • graffix August 4, 2011

    Mine wasn't that bad this morning. I was driving along at 5 mi faster than the guy in the lane to my right, as I'm approaching his rear bumper he starts to veer 2 foot into my lane with no turn signal, as I passed he called me IGNORANT, I proceeded to get in front of him , got out went back to see what his problem was, I got to his window as he started rolling it up I smacked his mirror, then he started saying shit, he straightened the mirror, continued saying shit, so I proceeded to kick it. Got in my truck and drove off. Sorry for the WJ post. I had to vent.

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  • zahnfee August 4, 2011

    where i can buy this car stereo sir?

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  • dazzza August 4, 2011

    You need a drunk person on the bumper for full effect.

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  • lenny9651 August 4, 2011

    it's hard out there for a pimp

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  • sscars August 4, 2011


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  • arkangle666 August 4, 2011

    that was one hell of a message from god, and then satan turned the music back on to fuck with everyone

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  •   rockinron August 4, 2011

    damn they made it, wtf is the use in wrecking a car load of towel heads if there gonna live thru it!!

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  • hatemail August 4, 2011

    This is proof that it wasn't his fault can we say paid

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  • tgarner August 4, 2011

    New radio from Timex, takes a licking and keeps on singing

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  • judasz August 4, 2011

    Insurance Scam! Why else would you drive around with a video camera on the dash.

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  • boredshitless August 4, 2011

    the cd skipped in the accident! its actually a crap stereo. or he doesn't know how to load mp3's on it yet!

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  • sactownryder August 4, 2011

    I would have aimed for the car door.

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  • thederp August 4, 2011

    was that the severed head of his cock on the left side of the video? i hope so. people who listen to music like that should not reproduce.

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  • yomammasass August 4, 2011


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  • nastyfucker August 4, 2011

    Am I missing something or am I the only one in the world without a fucking dash cam??

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  • graffix August 4, 2011

    I wish I had a dash cam for all the asshole that don't use turn signals or stop at lights and signs. Somehow use it to get the cops to focus on these people causing accidents and enraging others, instead of all the other shit they do.

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  • ohwickedwendi August 4, 2011

    The music was so loud, God broke His own rule, and caused the accident.

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  • immanuelkunt August 4, 2011

    Awesome. Got to hope it was some Jap shitbox like most of you flaming buttfuckers drive.

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  • downunder69 August 5, 2011

    suk it

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  • rodeye2 August 5, 2011

    He just pimped his ride.

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  • fiercepierce August 5, 2011

    There was no blood, I give this video -1/10

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  • flattie August 5, 2011

    They see me rollin' (my car)....they hatin'.

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  • whatthedeuce August 5, 2011

    anyone see my pink slipper? never mind got it

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  • blowsmoke September 6, 2011

    This was a commercial add for bose CD players.

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