Line Em Up And Gun Em Down

Here's a mass execution Taliban style. Line up a bunch of dudes and start spraying with the AK-47. After everyone hits the dirt, do a thorough walk through and put a bullet in everyone's head. Then it's time to celebrate with some hot, sexy camel raping.

  • grinder August 5, 2011

    first bitches!!! i always wanted to say that!

  • rockinron August 5, 2011

    this happened less then 50 miles from where my son is deployed. the group that did it had a run in with some marines a couple days later. payback was good from what i hear.

  • kissarmy12 August 5, 2011

    These Fuckers Must have deserved it ... shitty way to go tho

  • gabryl August 5, 2011

    wow im a crazy shitter but this one really got to me , fucked up way to go down , now way to fight back , scared stiff , glad i live in the good old USA

  • bigblocknova August 5, 2011

    If this could be done to our suckass government, then maybe our once great country would have a snowballs chance at rebuilding.

  • sactownryder August 5, 2011

    Hells yeah, Let Allah sort em out.

  • pizzapie August 5, 2011

    What a waste of bed sheets

  • larbob August 5, 2011

    i think i counted 17. multiply that by 72...hell, there isn't that many virgins to go around.

  • smudge August 5, 2011

    at least when muslims take over there will be no problem with border jumpers

  • heywodjablowmi August 5, 2011

    Now thats what i call population control

  • flattie August 5, 2011

    17 down....1 billion to go!

  • immanuelkunt August 5, 2011

    That's some fairly effective preaching. Give 'em the gospel, then send the fuckers on their way.

  • bigtalk August 5, 2011

    good vid love the overkill

  • sscars August 5, 2011

    god is a story for little children. like the boogy man or santa or the tooth fairy, be good or go to hell. civilization is only a mask for barbarianism.

  • dazzza August 5, 2011

    I told you bastards not to steal sandals.

  • thederp August 5, 2011

    it always amazes me how docile, compliant, and calm, these guys always are. rest assured, if i were part of this line up, i'd be the guy negotiating my ass off... "can't we talk about this? i have two lovely sisters and a camel in heat. lets make a deal!"Rofflz

  • ballzdeepnu August 5, 2011

    Fuck that u better be able to shoot a running target hopefuly some slower people will follow

  • deanrow August 5, 2011

    i would have found this more intresting if they were all in a circle n a grenade was put down in the middle n see who is the last man standing

  • boredshitless August 5, 2011

    damn they cant shoot for shit!!!

  • shazycrit August 5, 2011


  • ohwickedwendi August 5, 2011

    It's a good start.

  • iowaredneck August 5, 2011

    Fuckin dune coons

  • matv August 5, 2011

    the only good towel head is a dead towel head.

    they need to work on their aim

  • graffix August 5, 2011

    Damn, someone has it right. This is what should happen to all the child molesters, rapist(excluding you of course Inda) and murders and quit wasting money on housing and medical for them.

  • motatwo August 5, 2011

    sounded like pop corn, look like pop corn but taste like shit....but still like it!!

  • whatthedeuce August 5, 2011

    Hey! Camera fuckhead, your shadow is in my shot, allah curse you!

  • lenny9651 August 5, 2011

    if they keep this up they're going to run out of terrorists to attack us with

  • rockinron August 6, 2011

    fuck that shit. hell if im gonna stand still im running like a motherfucker if 3 assholes start giving me the riot act about alah while holding ak's. kill me im not afraid to die. but damn sure your gonna hafta aim to get my nikes hauling ass across the waste land!

  • hatemail August 6, 2011

    Say cheese

  • honkie365 August 6, 2011

    Now shoot the rest of those camel fuckers.

  • island_mon August 6, 2011

    somebody remond me why we're over there again saving these butchers.

  • anrconvert August 6, 2011

    I cant watch any vids of animals being killed on CS, but Muslim zealots, well that's a different thing altogether.

  • fiercepierce August 6, 2011

    The pacifists of our country want me to believe that these people are a peaceful and loving people? They are killing each other in the name of Allah based on their individual interpretation of the Quran, and they are damn bloody about it. Kick the Muslims out, and send the pacifists with them.

  • downunder69 August 6, 2011

    the u s plan is working , at this rate we,ll all be safe again

  • dopesmoker August 6, 2011

    Why has that place not been nuked off the fucking map yet?

  • chefren August 6, 2011

    Religion of peace...

  • etdaddy August 6, 2011

    arab dominoes the new fad

  • ghettoscumbag August 6, 2011

    If this shit keeps up how the fuck am I going to buy over-priced bubble and lottery tickets?

  • mrfacepain August 7, 2011

    thats what i wana see every day i go around!!!!and the NATO is workles

  • professord2 August 8, 2011

    When it's 17 unarmed guys against a handful of guys with guns just a few feet away... Fuck it, CHARGE!

  • immanuelkunt August 8, 2011

    "The pacifists of our country want me to believe that these people are a peaceful and loving people?" No, shiteater: the pacificsts of this country, along with the rest of us, want you to take your microdick and take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

  • glands August 10, 2011

    looks fun

  • cr4zy November 18, 2012

    i wanted to hear them cry

  • cr4zy November 18, 2012

    all iheard was ks lol

  • cruiserman February 5, 2014

    I like to see muslims killing each very much.

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