How Did You Not See That Car?

I love when people just keep driving right by a bad accident. It really shows just how much we actually care about other people. I would stop, but then I'll miss my show, and they won't repeat that one for at least a couple months. I just can't help you today.

  • trox August 15, 2011

    this guy is now fender ketchup

  • tat2d_soldier August 15, 2011

    car #2: get off the road asshole

  • rockinron August 15, 2011

    bad place to stop and check your oil.

  • two-hats August 15, 2011

    A dip-stick checking the dip-stick.

  • 2indastink August 15, 2011

    best video today!!!! 3 / 10.

  • lenny9651 August 15, 2011

    how is the person in the first car still walking around? hopped out of the car like nothing happened

  • cock-snot August 15, 2011


  • drublix August 15, 2011

    We need Horatio here to zoom In for us

  • danalan666 August 15, 2011

    angry birds

  • iowaredneck August 15, 2011

    Someones not going to make it in to work today

  • grinder August 15, 2011

    Instinct tells me that if my car is DOA in the middle of a busy freeway,turn on hazard lights,vacate the vehicle and get the fuck off of the road.Their instinct must say something different.

  • bigtalk August 15, 2011

    what no hazard lights i would of hit them too

  • asstro August 15, 2011

    So what ur sayin bigtalk is if a stationary object has no flashing lights ur going to ram it.

    To think I used to wonder why everyone thinks ur a dumb ass.

  • thederp August 15, 2011

    pulling off into the shoulder lane to takes a looksy under the hood is for pussies. if you want to check your car out, you stop right in the middle of the fucking freeway like a man... or a dumbass.

  • picklehiesner August 15, 2011

    so whos fault was it

  • littletalk August 15, 2011

    "this seems like a good spot to park"

  • ohwickedwendi August 15, 2011

    I'm with grinder on this one. I know all too well there are dumbasses on the road....I have to be smarter than the dumbass and actually use common sense and reasoning skills. That's my rant, and I'm sticking to it.

  • honkie365 August 16, 2011

    A black guy was driving the car that crashed. Machinery confuses 'those' people.

  • fiercepierce August 16, 2011

    Oooops I didn't see you there, sorry I killed your friend

  • rodeye2 August 16, 2011

    The driver of the second car is going to get the ticket for following too close and the broken down driver gets a closed casket.

  • wickedmule August 16, 2011

    Going that fast, if the car quit running, it should have at least had enough momentum to pull over to the right side shoulder, dumbass! And I don't know how he is even still moving around after being hit that hard! O.O

  • downunder69 August 16, 2011

    we all know the last thing that went through his mind...... "i want to kill bigtalk"

  • dumbnigger December 16, 2011

    Asians squint alot no wonder they can't see shit

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