Twofer Tuesday: Motorcycle Crashes

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Adam H.
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This is just your weekly Crazyshit reminder to always be careful when driving a motorcycle. Remember, even if you're not a dumbass, it's guaranteed that there's somebody driving a bigger vehicle than you, that is a dumbass.

  • rockinron August 16, 2011

    first (what the hell everyone else does it)

  • tgarner August 16, 2011

    First one I guess would be a "Bus Stop" and the second one would be a "Push Start".

  • lenny9651 August 16, 2011

    how do you not see a 60 foot bus?

  • etdaddy August 16, 2011

    come on babe take a ride on the wild side

  • cock-snot August 16, 2011


  • ohwickedwendi August 16, 2011

    The first rule of driving: PAY ATTENTION to everything around you....if you can't do that, then just say "no".

  • satdudeuk August 16, 2011

    Did i see that dudes head come off ? thats crazyshit

  • boredshitless August 16, 2011

    thanks to cs i will never own a motorcycle!

  • smudge August 16, 2011

    dashcams are bad luck,as soon as you install it shit like this happens in front of you

  • island_mon August 16, 2011

    hope they lived.

  • rockinron August 16, 2011

    id love to see the dent his face left in the bus. im betting it would have a "oh shit!" shape to it!

  • sicasso August 16, 2011

    In the little pic it looks like a white dog getting crushed by a radio or something, it's always a nice way to die, learn to drive dumb azz.

  • honkie365 August 16, 2011

    Was that bigtalk on the cycle that hit the bus??

  • d90girl August 16, 2011


  • bigtalk August 16, 2011

    nope still here i will never die YOU HEAR ME GOD!!!

  • fiercepierce August 16, 2011

    Two more dumb asses to throw on the burn pile.

  • thederp August 17, 2011

    the black chic being advertised for 'brown bunnies' is pretty fucking hot. i'd like to build some racial bridges with her... bridges made out of cock!

  • arcknagar August 18, 2011

    You get a nice warm feeling inside when you did that rockinron? ...Too bad it was just me peeing in you're butt! You enjoyed it though.

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